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Samsara Ubud’s Tree of Hope

Samsara ubud

The festive season calls for not only merriment and joy but also a time to share. In 2018, the luxury villa resort invited guests to celebrate a heart-warming festive season through their Tree of Hope programme. The Tree of Hope programme is Samsara Ubud’s commitment to invest in the future of children and young people. Seeing last year’s positive response, the Tree of Hope is back for the second time this year.

Samsara Ubud initiates the programme to help improve the lives of local children and make their dreams of a better life come true. There will be 33 children from the local village of Kelusa ranging from elementary to junior high school this year.

The Tree of Hope programme is not exclusive to in-house guests; Samsara Ubud also welcomes outside guests to help these children. The minimum amount of donation to provide each of these children with some basics for their education is IDR 250,000. There are no limits on the number of children one is willing to help. Guests also get the chance to know the children they are helping. At the back of each children’s photograph are their name, other details (such as age, aspiration) and their wishes.

Samsara Ubud

If the Tree of Hope was decorated with yellow lights last year, soft blue lights would adorn the stunning tree this year. “Samsara Ubud would like to raise awareness of mental health. People rarely speak of mental health, especially in children and young people. We think it is important to note that emotional wellbeing is just as important as their physical health.โ€ explains Bayu Sarwono, the owner of Samsara Ubud.

The beautifully adorned tree will be placed at the indoor Yoga area, next to Chakra Spa. Blue fairy lights will also illuminate the wooden handrails along the stairs on the pathway to Samsara Ubud’s restaurant, The Kelusa.

Apart from the Tree of Hope programme, Samsara Ubud is also looking at renovating a nearby school, called SDN 2 Kelusa. The finalised plan in January will include renewing the school’s bathrooms to ensure every child enjoy a hygienic and clean facility and rebuilding their waste management area.
Together, we can make a difference and help children in need, one at a time.