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Sandat Glamping

Glamorous camping – glamping – offers beneficial, low-impact tourism that celebrates nature.


A passion for travelling to places where nature is still unspoiled, and for elegant, sophisticated but unconventional dรฉcor are the two ingredients that led Emanuela and her husband Federico โ€“ a couple of Italians who live near Venice โ€“ to give life to a new form of hospitality: glamour+camping, a.k.a glamping.

Emanuela and Federico started on their journey in 2009 with the opening of the first glamping site in Italy, Glamping Canonici Di San Marco, followed in 2013 by Sandat Glamping Tents in Ubud, created after the couple had been bewitched by Bali’s unspoilt natural beauty and the culture of its people.

Joined on their journey by Venetian friends Silvia and Stephen, they spent 13 months creating the property and in the process became promoters of sustainable and ethical tourism, employing entirely Balinese staff at the property, many of whom were taught in local vocational schools.

GREEN-PHILOSOPHY โ€ฆ a lifestyle

A global increase in pollution, a depletion of energy resources, the enormous production of waste and the continued demand for new developments have deservedly focussed the world’s gaze on environmental issues in recent years. Nature is becoming increasingly threatened, and as a result has become a precious commodity to be cherished by the third millennium traveller fleeing urban centres. Increasingly, these travellers look to find contact with nature and with the rich cultures that inhabit it, and they look to experience both in some luxury.

GLAMOUR + CAMPING โ€ฆ for sustainable tourism

Glamping (‘glamourous camping’), as a sustainable tourism model, can realise this dream. Using eco structures with minimal environmental impact on the landscape, glamping resorts like Sandat integrate perfectly with the environment, yet provide all the comforts of a luxury hotel stay. And they offer drama in this narrative too, with the central structure of the resort standing at 10-metres high and created entirely from natural materials locally sourced. Sandat’s striking yoga and meditation Shala also offers an expression of this bio-building philosophy, using bamboo to make a bold design statement.

ECOLOGY & DESIGN โ€ฆ a new union

Concepts that until recently were mutually exclusive today find their expression in luxury camping, that combines the fun of a holiday in touch with nature with the advantages of a service equal to that on offer in multi-starred hotels.

A study done by one of the major operators in the sector revealed recently that glamping attracts ‘beneficial’ tourism: eco-educated, nonstandard and therefore enterprising and curious individuals, it is a tourism of ‘word-of-mouth’ that avoids tourist packages, detests crowds and seeks out nature, landscapes and low density areas of human settlement.

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