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Sensatia Botanicals Introduces a New Invigorating Bath Collection with their Signature Lemongrass Scent

sensatia botanicals

Infused with locally-sourced lemongrass extracts, this collection is designed around a biodegradable formula to enhance the overall bath experience and one that invigorates the senses.

Sensatia Botanicals, known for their commitment in using only the finest natural ingredients, with sustainable practices in their beauty products, is thrilled to introduce their latest offering: the Invigorating Bath Collection. This collection features a range of bath essentials, all infused with a signature lemongrass scent, known for its refreshing and energizing properties. Each product in the Invigorating Bath Collection is specially formulated to provide a luxurious and indulgent bathing experience while also nourishing the skin and hair. With its unique blend of lemongrass, lime and orange extracts, the citrus scent is not only revitalizing but also helps to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.Packaged in Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCRP) bottles, this collection includes:• Invigorating Body Wash; •Invigorating Body Lotion; •Invigorating Shampoo and •Invigorating Conditioner.

sensatia botanicals

Invigorating Refill pouches are made of recyclable plastic are also available for Body Wash and Shampoo. This enables customers to reuse their heavy plastic containers and decant the product from the pouch (this action will use 75% less plastic material and the pouches are easier to recycle than their heavier counterparts).

All products in this collection feature a biodegradable formula, as they are composed of natural ingredients, which break down easily into the environment. These products contain zero toxic chemicals, which greatly diminish the potential to pollute groundwater, making it safe even when rinsed down the drain and ending up in water systems. Sustainable packaging, combined with vegan and biodegradable formulas, are part of our actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

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