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Sensatia Opens In Papaya

Sensatia Botanicals marches on – this time with the opening of its ninth store at well regarded Japanese supermarket Papaya. Founder Michael Lorenti told us: “We feel this is an excellent location to offer Papaya’s high quality driven customers Sensatia’s international quality, natural skincare. We are extremely thankful to PT Masuya and the entire team at Papaya Fresh Gallery that helped make the process friendly, helpful and easy.”

Sensatia was founded in year 2000 in the small, quiet fishing village of Jasri, Karangasem on the east coast of Bali. From  humble beginnings, the company started Sensatia as a profit-sharing cooperation and continues in the same manner promoting equality amongst workers and administrators. “We believe in growing together as a community, thus, we are very proud that Sensatia Botanicals employees are 20% shareholders of the principal production company PT. Sensatia Botanicals.”

Visit the Sensatia website here.