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Sensatia Pledges 1%

If you’re familiar with Sensatia Botanicals, then you probably already know that this Bali-based company produces luxurious all-natural body care products that are made with local ingredients like Bali cinnamon, lemongrass and sea salt, which are good for your skin and the environment. But what you may not know is that the company was created primarily to benefit local communities, and it still sticks to that mission to this day.

In 2000, San Francisco native Michael R. Lorenti Jr. created Sensatia Botanicals as a profit-sharing cooperation that could bring a little bit of affluence into his adopted village of Jasri, Karangasem. He started the company with just three employees, and now 17 years later the company has stores all over the island and devoted fans all over the world, not to mention a solid crew of over 70 Balinese employees who share in its success.

Yet despite the brand’s impressive achievements, Michael still believes that Sensatia is so much more than just a moneymaking venture. For the last 10 years, Sensatia Inc. has been involved in the 1% for the Planet organisation, a global network of businesses that donate one per cent of their total annual sales to environmental programmes. Recently Michael began to think about how he could apply this concept specifically to Indonesia.

He says, “This year Sensatia will be developing 1% For Indonesia, a non-profit organisation that will focus on helping to fulfil basic human needs, then moving into education and eventually health and fitness. Even if Sensatia is the only company to make the 1% For Indonesia pledge, that will make me very happy, but if we can get some other big companies on board giving a bit back, then I will be as happy as a clam.”

Be sure to check in at www.onepercentforindo.org in the coming months for more details.