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Sensatia Toothpaste

Continuing its adoption of biodegradable and pollution-free ingredients, Sensatia Botanicals has launched a range of natural toothpastes without preservatives, artificial flavours or sweeteners.

These all-natural products are made with pure botanical extracts and include calcium glycerophosphate, a relatively new mineral complex used as an alternative to fluoride. It helps neutralize acid, prevent cavities and strengthen tooth enamel. Enhanced with kakadu plum extract, these toothpastes are high in vitamin C which may prevent periodontal disease.

The range includes three flavours, including Charcoal-Mint featuring activated charcoal, a natural teeth whitener that can reduce the signs of staining and help promote oral health by balancing the natural bacteria in the mouth.

Cinna-Mint provides cinnamon, peppermint leaf and tea tree leaf oil to clean teeth and promote healthy gums. The cinnamon oil helps fight bacteria and acts as a mild numbing agent for sensitive teeth.

The Herbal blend offers a minty-fresh herbaceous formula that cleans teeth and helps protect against cavities and gum disease. It contains alkalizing minerals to help ward off bacteria.

Following the characteristic of Sensatia’s recent biodegradable bath assortments, these toothpastes are biodegradable and safe for aquatic life. The process of manufacturing without harsh chemicals or other artificial substances greatly diminishes the potential to pollute groundwater making it safe even when rinsed down the drain.

Michael Lorenti Jr, Managing Director of Sensatia Botanicals, said the company had been receiving multiple requests from customers about this particular product. “We are overjoyed to finally be able to introduce this to the market,” he said.

Retailing at IDR50,000 for 40gr and IDR110,000 for 120gr, the toothpastes are now available for purchase in all Sensatia Botanicals stores as well as on the official website at www.sensatia.com.