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Set Up Your Home Gym

Fancy a home fitness set up from PrimaFit? So do we. The Yak chatted with the irrepressible Rohan McKenna from PrimaFit about how to make it happen.

We’ve been thinking it’s time to get rid of that lockdown belly and hit the gym for a bit of sporting action … but of course we can’t as most of them remain closed. Or if they are open … we’re just not sure it’s a good idea…

We came across PrimaFit through a friend of a friend … it’s such a small island … but we were surprised to discover the exercise company has been operating in Indonesia for more than 30 years. Principally they sell exercise equipment, but scratch the surface and the company is so much more than that.

“Our mission is to help people use, enjoy and benefit from the equipment and coaching they buy from us,” says PrimaFit primo Rohan McKenna. “In the end we are trusted fitness coaches though, not merely suppliers.”

The PrimaFit team – starting with the owners – are avid excercisers. “We walk the talk, and can related to our clients and what they want and need. We help them to achieve their fitness goals.”

The company does this by looking at four pillars of fitness. Movement (workouts and non-workout movement); Makanan (what when and how we eat); Mind (stress management and mind-body connection) and Memulihkan (sleep, repair & recovery).

“It is important to us that our clients USE the equipment they invest in,” Rohan told us, “which is why we offer a range of health tools. The hardware is important as no-none uses equipment that is flimsy – it just becomes an expensive coat hanger – but we understand that most people need the software to go with it.

With that in mind PrimaFit has developed boutique private coaching – remotely and in person with protocols. “This helps the client get most out of their equipment.”

So what machinery does PrimaFit offer? Pretty much anything you can think of, from static bikes to treadmills, recovery equipment … even an InfraRad sauna. “Basically we are exercise professionals, skilled in assessing each client at their home, designing their home gym perfectly and coaching them to achieve their health and fitness goals.”

Keen to check them out? Luckily for you they are holding a Home Fitness Exhibition at Mal Bali Galeria second floor from now until October 18. And they have great promos! Check it out.

Visit PrimaFit website.

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