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Out Of The Box #63

Bali clobber for those modern moments.

deus ex-machina

Canggu Coach jacket IDR 950k; Wild Cat Tees IDR 370K. Colors: black & navy     www.deuscustoms.com


Fashion Revolution

REVOLUTION – Limited Edition – Womens £65.00     www.fashionrevolution.org                                                                                                      BUTTERFLY HI – Black – Mens £45.00; CHE V Boots – Black – men’s £65.00     po-zu.com


weaver green

Bags made from recycled plastic from £45     www.weavergreen.com


Basri Studio

WANI bracelet $158.00; SEROJA earrings $128.00     www.basri.co


alia design

Shining Starr beaded earrings RP.900,000k     www.alliadesigns.com


Cesar Fernandez

String inlay surf board. Available at Dream Good Canggu. IG: @cesar_fernandez


Egely and ibu Bumi

Left: Measure your chi with the Egely Wheel Vitality Meter     www.egelywheel.net                                                                                                 Right: Bamboo toothbrushES IDR 45,000      www.ibubumibali.com