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SKOOL – A Modern Dining Experience Where Every Dish Touches Fire


As Bali welcomes the world back onto its shores, two of the island’s major hospitality players, Tai Buddha of The Lawn, Times Beach Warung and Single Fin, and Adam McAsey from Bikini, Sisterfields and Bossman, join forces to create something to entice both local and internationally seasoned diners.


Embracing the principle of “Primitive Cooking – Modern Dining”, SKOOL is an open-flame kitchen on the waves, with a destination restaurant for guests wishing to immerse themselves in a culinary-forward experience in an incomparable setting.


The cuisine is produce-driven and forward thinking, emphasizing the essentials, the skills, and fire. Chef Vallian Gunawan delivers an honest modern menu with a burning edge with every dish being graced by flames, powered by natural wood and charcoal embers.


As guests arrive in SKOOL through its discreet street-front entrance, they are welcomed with an expansive view of the Indian Ocean. The open kitchen offers a compelling show of flames and culinary acumen. The interior is polished and intimate, decorated with impressive works of art by contemporary artists, Steve Gorrow and Ricky Lee Gordon.

The menu is a show of culinary prowess, the smalls are bold and packed with flavour, like the locally-grown beetroot, baked in coals and ashes overnight, grilled and glazed in hibiscus shrub, served with wood-smoked stracciatella. The mains highlight the primitive aspect of the cooking. The slow-roasted lamb, marinated for over three days in garlic, yogurt, and spices, is trussed and hung over the fireplace and roasted to perfection, then served in its own spiced juice. The sweets are suited for a memorable send-off. A whole spice-glazed pineapple, slow roasted for seven hours over charcoal embers, is served lukewarm and paired with macadamia nut ice cream.

Tai Buddha and Adam McAsey mention that, “SKOOL is a unique setting where our culinary expertise and instincts for modern culture fuse in a truly incredible location. We have left no stone unturned, every detail of SKOOL is curated to deliver good times, great views and even better, the experience will leave guests with a lasting impression and a burning desire to return.”

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