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SoulBound 2023 • Bali Blockchain Summit: Where Innovation, Culture, and Global Minds Converge

Ulu Cliff

On the idyllic coasts of Bali, a transformative experience awaits: SoulBound 2023. Amidst Bali’s beaches and traditional temples, the very future of technology and finance is set to converge. Introducing SoulBound 2023, the paramount event for innovation, culture, and global collaboration.

SoulBound is more than an event; it’s a movement. Merging Bali’s cultural essence with the dynamic thrust of cutting-edge technology, this summit aims to redefine both the tech and business worlds. Positioned at the crossroads of Web3 & Blockchain, AI, AR, VR & Gaming, and sustainability, SoulBound is geared to pave the way for a unified, brighter tomorrow.

This transformative experience is orchestrated by Bali Collective, Republik Rupiah, Disruptives ICP.Hub Indonesia, Baliola, and Connected Capital, supported and powered by industry giants like Polkadot and Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).

The event runs from August 22nd  to 25th. It starts at the Bali Blockchain Center in Denpasar on August 22, moves to Ulu Cliffhouse in Uluwatu on August 23, and wraps up with exclusive dinners by Connected Capital on August 24 and 25. You can join the event for free with the General Admission ticket, but if you’re looking for a premium experience, there’s a limited VIP access available.

Event Highlights:

  • Day One – August 22nd: At the Bali Blockchain Center in Denpasar, this inaugural day offers attendees a deep dive into technological insights and cultural presentations. Alongside tech talks, participants can take part in workshops, enjoy traditional dance and film screenings, and try out local food. The guest list includes government officials, local Balinese royalty, tech experts, and other influential leaders.
  • Day Two – August 23rd: Over at Ulu Cliffhouse, the day runs from 2pm to 2am, packed with speakers, interactive tech demos, live music, and art. The core focus remains to enlighten attendees about the ever-evolving Web3 and blockchain space. Industry experts from Internet Computer Protocol, Polkadot and other ecosystems, will share their expertise and vision, setting the tone for the future of Web3 and blockchain. This day will be a dive into the world of digital advancement.
  • Day Three & Four – August 24th & 25th: These nights are all about networking. Connected Capital hosts dinners where attendees can meet with tech leaders, finance professionals, and other industry bigwigs. It’s a chance to connect and chat in a relaxed, upscale setting.

Guests will also enjoy live painting showcases, surreal visual spectacles, and a dive into the future with unparalleled AR and VR experiences. Featuring thought leaders from entities like Internet Computer Protocol, Polkadot, D3Labs, and beyond, the festival stands as a hub of innovation and forward thinking.

IG: @soulbound_bali