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Sounds Around With DJ Little Ale

Leading the next generation of Bali’s dance floor burners this precocious eight-year old has been quick to shine on the decks of the Rainforest Pavilion at Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand and has been learning the craft under her one-time promoter father’s tutelage. Though young on perspective but eager to grow we wondered the thoughts of one of Bali’s youngest rising stars…

So Ale, you are a true Bali child of multi-cultures? Where are your parents from?

My Dad is Lebanese-Turkish, but grew Up in Sweden and my Mom is Chinese-Indonesian.

How did you get into music? Musical family?

My Dad has been a deejay for twenty years now, and my mother loves to sing and she always listens to music loud – even in the morning when she makes breakfast. There’s always music playing in our house and in the car wherever we go.   

How did you like Wonderfruit Festival? How is Thailand different from Bali?

It was really fun and beautiful, especially at night weith all the colorful lights and laser shoots everywhere, it looked like a world of imagination. The people were so nice, and they dressed up very funny and a lot of the people were dressed up so magically. They also had so many good stands with yummy ice creams , crepes , and I loved the Wonder Saloon.

In Thailand it was really hard to find taxis, compared to Bali which is so much easier. It did not rain in Thailand, and Bali does not have 7Eleven. I love 7Eleven, especially the sour candies. In Thailand there is not so much traffic like Bali, Thailand had more tall buildings than Bali, but the rest is quite similar to Bali.

The best part was when I played at the Rainforest Pavilion, there were so many people and they were all jumping up and down, I loved playing there. But next time, I hope they give me a better bench to stand on, because I was too short, but it was funny.

What did you learn while you were there?

I learned that we should be more friendly to nature and to the animals. I got the chance to help Arvid Nicolas with his talk about the orangutans that have been treated badly by humans. It made me very sad and very upset with humans.  I kind of learned that you can have fun without an IPAD or iPhone, and I learned how to ride a bicycle.

Your Dad says your sister is your manager? Is that true?

Yes, my sister is my manager, but sometimes she is bit lazy, so my Dad helps her. But she knows that she will get the same benefits as me, like being backstage, free food, and drinks, and gets to travel with me. But at Wonderfruit she really helped me alot giving away caps and shirts merchandise to the crowd.

Do you play musical instruments also or got straight into deejaying?

Oh yes, I go to Tom’s Music school twice a week for piano and singing classes. I love singing a lot, I sing everywhere I go. I love singing more than playing piano, but my Dad say that piano will help me a lot for producing music in the future.  I just got into deejaying ten months ago.

What are you top 3 favorite places to go on Bali and why?

I love to go to Waterbom, because I love all the scary slides and to get the ticklish feeling in my body. I like also to go to Bounce at Canggu Club because I love jumping – my Dad calls me a monkey or squirrel because I can’t sit still. And going to the Tree Tops Park in Bedugul, I wish we could go there more often but it’s quite far.

What’s your dream?

My dream is to travel more with my family, because I love new adventure. What I want most would be if we got Disneyland in Bali, I love Disney so much. Also, would love the chance to go with Bali Praia tour to Brazil in December with all my Uncles.

Favorite footwear?

I like long boots but in Bali we don’t wear boots so much because it is very hot. When we were in Sweden we got to wear boots all the time. But in school, my sister and I mainly wear sandals.

Thanks so much for your time online, Ale! Keep up the good practice and we will see you on the dance floors sometime soon!

Thank you, and please follow my Instagram @djlittleale and please always come and support my gigs!