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Taste-budding the Archipelago with Ash Garvey

Ash, chef extraordinaire at Starfish Bloo at W Bali, is up, off and cheffing-up a trip around the Indonesian archipelago.

Having personally travelled, and even married into this fabulous 19000+ island country, he has prepared a perfect taste-storm of flavours for incoming diners on the ICE Deck.

Nine ravishing courses make up the Inspired Dining menu. These mouth-watering images are better than words to explain the delicacy and divine combinations of ingredients.

Low on carbon footprint but very high in flavour, in line with W’s commitment to supporting local farmers and fishermen – Ash serves up tuna, beef, quail, lobster, prawn, duck, fruit and chocolate…bouncing off ginger flower, herbs, spices, curry or coconut flavours.

Once again Ash delivers, sharing his experiences and memories as we travel in his adopted country.

ICE Deck – is W Bali’s prestigious dining venue with Oceanic views of sunsets and waves and those guests choosing the Inspired Menu get VIP seating – over and above anyone else!


From 6PM – 10.30PM @ 850k++ per pax.


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