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Telio Offers Fast & Reliable Internet Solutions


The internet has of course become our last lifeline during the current pandemic. Where would we be without it? Sadly though, sometimes we are: internet speed and connectivity have also become the bane of our lives. Poor providers, poor service and higher bills just lead to additional frustration – which is exactly what we don’t need right now.

A new provider aims to tackle this. Telio has set itself the mission of providing dependable and personalised telco solutions in Bali.

Director Jimin Sakti explained: โ€œTelio provides enterprise service level at an affordable monthly rate, we provide on call technicians who can visit customers needing technical support.

“Our level of service is almost unheard of from other retail internet service providers, and usually reserved for the premium / corporate customers. But we are willing to walk the extra mile for all of our clients,โ€ he said.

Customers are appointed an account manager. If there is a problem you simply send a message to a WhatsApp number. “Telioโ€™s technical team is ready to check it from Telioโ€™s system, and if the problem persists a technician will come as soon as possible to make sure you get the best internet experience,” said Jimin.

“Now is the time to provide great service, to prepare for the future so we’re in great shape when we come out of this,” he added.


Email : sales@telio.id

Web :ย www.telio.id

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