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The Collective X NFT Bali

Collective X NFT

The Collective X NFT Bali are hosting a month long series of events, geographically located around the growing digital nomad centre of Canggu, Bali. The events will kick off on May 1, 2022 until May 31, 2022, and include workshops, spas, gatherings and events at Bali’s famed hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants and  co-working  hubs.    Around

100 overseas guests (with a focus on founders & thought leaders) are expected to attend over the month, with the goal of networking with local NFT enthusiasts, innovators and community.

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’ and is a unique asset in digital form that cannot be exchanged for any other NFT. NFTs have created opportunities for artists and companies to monetize their assets. Artists are able to create a library of digital assets to market to a new wave of investors and collectors.

The NFT Bali community is envisioning a wave of tourism as a result of their initiatives. One of the highlight events of the month will be held at Southeast Asia’s first NFT Gallery, Secret Superlatives on May 11, 2022 in Kuta, Bali, and will feature a workshop by top Balinese NFT artist Rakajana, with NFT artworks on display by four artists: Rajakana, Monez, Hamka and Iannocent. Other events include an opening sunset gathering, and a closing poolside event at partner venue Zin World.

Sponsors of the month-long event series feature well known worldwide and local NFT Brands, including: Land Vault, Creepy Creams, Yen Gin, Super Happy Frens, Wyndblast, House of Stoxx, Cyber Hornets, Mad Meerkats, Hunnys, TokoCrypto, as silver sponsors, Blue Moon Dogs and Ekta Cryptocurrency as the event series platinum sponsors.

Members of The Collective are regularly invited to speak at industry workshops with the goal of educating the public on NFT’s. Participating venues for the workshops are: Zin World, Tamora Gallery’s Spark Studios and TokoCrypto / T-Hub.

Workshops are typically held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the month, with restaurant gatherings on Thursdays, bar and beach club gatherings on Fridays, and club events on Saturdays. Sundays are reserved for health and wellness at Bali’s best spa centers, gyms, and yoga outlets, and Mondays earmarked for co-working at various venues.

Venues for the events series feature, in the first week of May 2022, Zin Café, Tamora   Gallery

& Spark Studios, The Barn Gastro Pub, Shady Pig, Behind the Green Door, and Amo Spa. In the second week of May 2022, venues include Genesis Creative Centre, Desa Seni Yoga, Black Sands Brewery, The Lawn, Mari Beach Club, Udara Spa and Cabanon Bali. The third week features venues BeWork Coworking, Mason, La Brisa, ShiShi and Samadi Bali. The fourth week finds the participants at; Nirvana Strength, Potatohead, Ji @Tugu  Hotel, St. Tropez VIP Club, Milano, Morabito Art Villa and The Vault 2.0.

The Collective was founded in 2021, and has a variety of projects around the globe. Their services include but are not limited to a full stack NFT incubator for business owners, web3.0 native recruitment services, first access information and consulting services for  web3.0 projects to continue scaling. To get updates and latest news about the project, please join them on Discord discord.gg/mrwKsR6M26, follow their Twitter at twitter.com/collective_eth, or website www.thecollectivesolution.net

For further information, or to sign up for the workshops, please contact:
Steaven: +62 852-8282-5506,
or e-mail info@pro-motion-events.com.