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The Dewata Nagari Kamasan Painting Workshop by SHL Asia, A Workshop to Preserve the Balinese Culture

SHL Asia has successfully organized The Dewata Nagari Kamasan Painting Workshop, on May 28, 2023 at Vije Boutique Resort, with the aim to preserve the Balinese culture, particularly the authentic Kamasan paintings from Klungkung. This exclusive workshop was attended by six participants, including renowned master artists and foreign nationals with a deep interest in Balinese culture, such as Jenny Rachman, Niniek L Karim, Darwis Triadi, Marchella Zalianty, Julia & Aimee De Jager. The intimate learning experience was guided by the talented artist of Kamasan Bali, Nyoman Sukma.

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The workshop signifies a genuine effort to preserve Bali’s precious cultural heritage. Kamasan paintings have been an integral part of Balinese society for centuries, and the Dewata Nagari Kamasan Painting Workshop provided participants with an opportunity to deeply explore and appreciate this art form.

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The workshop also aimed to foster a sense of pride and ownership of Bali’s beautiful culture throughout the ages. Set in the serene and inspiring atmosphere of Vije Boutique Resort, participants were immersed in the richness of Balinese culture through the art of Kamasan painting. They witnessed how every intricate detail in these artworks holds profound meaning and messages, reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of Balinese culture.

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The Dewata Nagari Kamasan Painting Workshop serves as a beneficial collaboration between SHL Asia, Vije Boutique Resort, and Kamasan Bali, becoming an important platform to promote and introduce Bali’s cultural richness to the public. The success of the Dewata Nagari Kamasan Painting Workshop is hoped to inspire and engage more people in the preservation and promotion of the beautiful Balinese culture. The workshop has provided valuable experiences for its participants, and we anticipate that the spirit and richness of Balinese culture will continue to thrive and evolve over time. We look forward to future collaborations between SHL Asia and other artists and art communities!

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