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Nestled deep in the heart of Ubud rain forest reserve, surrounded by the historic Petanu River and stunning jungle landscape, the Kayon offers a healing atmosphere and romantic ambiance.

Nestled deep in the heart of Ubud rain forest reserve, surrounded by the historic Petanu River and stunning jungle landscape, The Kayon Resort has a healing atmosphere and romantic ambiance. The resort features 6 valley deluxe rooms with jungle views on the two-storey north wing, Twelve Kayon river suites in a three-storey south wing with views down to the river and 5 river edge private pool villas with thatched roofs, each enhanced by infinity pools overlooking the river below.

The resort gardens are designed to preserve rare Balinese flowers and fruits used as elements in Balinese Hindu ritual ceremonies. Existing trees are preserved, as well as ylang-ylang, jackfruit, coconut, and durian. In addition, there are abundant flowers: jempiring, soka, frangipani, areca nut as well as Balinese herbs, lemongrass, turmeric, galangal, ginger and others.

The Design and Concept
The name Kayon comes from an idea to present a true Ubud Arts and Culture experience to every guest throughout the resort. Working with a Balinese Architect and Local Hotel Management Operator, ideas were brainstormed for every detail, design and material. The Kayon is richly designed with carvings, paintings and local stone, wood and bamboo to respect the Ubud soul of culture and arts. The resort is built to follow the land contour and works with as much of the existing natural habitat as possible in order to blend with the surroundings, and respect the healing vibe.

Kayon means a tree of life in Balinese, and the Kayon shape is implemented throughout the resort’s architecture, swimming pool, bath tubs and artwork. Kayon – symbolizing the universe – is depicted to open and close traditional Balinese puppet shadow plays or Wayang Kulit. The resort features the Ramayana story in paintings and carvings which offer religious and love advice. The original love story of Rama and Shinta is captured in a 50-meter stone wall relief, carved by 10 talented local stone carving artists working for three-months.

Kepitu at The Kayon
Kepitu at The Kayon is the main restaurant at The Kayon Resort Ubud. Kepitu is taken from the name of the Banjar next to the resort, and The Restaurant is set at the centre of the resort with 180 degrees view over the pool and jungle landscape, creating an ambiance perfect for an iced cold beer and cocktails. Designed with the Kayon shape using iron wood, bamboo and ylang-ylang grass roof, this offers a truly Ubud atmosphere.

The lunch menu is light and healthy, with a mixture of sandwiches and salads. In the evening the menu is mixed Western, Asian and Signature Kepitu with Balinese Royal settings and weekly Culture Dinner program for a unique Ubud Experience.

Incorporating a floating sky roof deck dining space with a Kumba Karna Statue setting, Kepitu is a favourite romantic dining venue.

Our rooms are designed in a contemporary Balinese style using local stone, bamboo, and white-washed furniture decorated with woven rattan to blend with nature and create a classic yet romantic impression. Resort features: Kepitu Restaurant, Serayu Spa, Canyon Jetty Cafe, and Puspaka Wedding Chapel.

*For safety reasons and to provide the best experience for all guests, we are unfortunately unable to accomodate children below 15 years old, senior citizens/people with mobility issues, drones, durian or pets, as our concept is largely directed towards Honeymoons, Romance, Healing & Relaxation.

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