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The Luxe Bali


Few people can actually even imagine that a villa like The Luxe Bali actually exists, because when you hear the words ‘a land-based super yacht, perched on the cliffs of Padang Padang with a private, back of the wave access…’ you possibly think that either I must be dreaming, or I’m designing a thought/mood board for my very own Bob Proctor’s The Secret…

The luxe

The luxe

However, The Luxe Bali does actually exist, and it is every bit of a dream villa as you can imagine. Four magnificently facilitated bedrooms, a fully buffed kitchen, dining, living areas , spa, gym, and home theatre, grounds, gardens and pools – oh, and the ‘oh so amazing’ sunset skies, plus private balcony-seating from where to watch one of the world’s most famous set of waves – Padang Padang, the one you can access directly, down the private, cliff staircase…a mind-blowing privilege if you surf!

The luxe

So yes, The Luxe Bali has it all, and some. And the “and some” comes in the guise of an amazing team, that impresses guests again and again with their efficiency, kindness and general smooth running of this land-based super yacht. You don’t need to believe me, just head over to the lengthy guest comments list and see what guests themselves write…With those kind of accolades The Luxe Bali is definitely somewhat of a “bucket list Bali” stay option!!