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The Yak Goes One on One with HoviCare

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The Yak goes one-on-one with Dewi Trisnawati the Managing Director of HoviCare, Bali’s new, yet globally established, healthcare provider, because none of us are getting any younger…

It’s been a long time coming…Who is HoviCare and when did you arrive on Bali?
HoviCare has its roots in Finland with over 30 years of experience in elderly care. They own and operate 8 nursing homes and elderly facilities in Finland. Expansion to Asia include Singapore and Indonesia (Bali). There are 2 facilities currently operating in Bali namely Hovi Club in Denpasar and Hovi Assisted in Saba, Gianyar. Hovi Club opened its door towards end of 2019 and Hovi Assisted Saba welcomed its first client in October 2021.

No beating around the bush I suppose. Is HoviCare here to help us take care of our ageing relatives, or maybe even us ageing islanders?
Yes indeed. Hovi Club is a Day Activity Center for Senior active. It offers engaging programs for seniors via social interaction, memory and physical rehabilitation. Hovi Assisted provides 24/7 care in a well-designed elderly building. It allows the clients to literally own their life and live freely and independently.

You currently have two venues for providing care to the elderly. Can you please tell us more about the first option – Day Care and its location?
It is the Hovi Club at Marinda Park. Located on Jl. Teuku Umar Barat, Denpasar. It opens on Monday-Friday for half day and full day visit. Our Center Manager and his team of caregivers are putting up a daily program for the visiting seniors covering the social interaction, physical and memory rehabilitation. Snacks and lunch are included for the day.

hovi care

The second is the long-term option. Can you expand on this part of the service and its location?
Hovi Assisted is located in Saba, integrated with Kasih Ibu Hospital Saba. It has private rooms, 24-hour caregivers, meals, activity programs, dining area, rooftop garden, housekeeping and laundry. The services offered include :

  • Assisted Living Care
    For seniors who need assistance with daily activities and mobility but want to maintain a sense of independence and community. It provides a home-like environment where seniors can live comfortably and safely with 24/7 support.
  • Step-down Care
    Temporary rehabilitation program for patients who are recovering from a stroke, surgery, or other medical condition that required hospitalization.
    We’d help the clients regain their independence and improve their quality of life, while also reducing the risk of complications and re-admissions to the hospital.
  • Relief Care / Respite Care
    Temporary care for seniors where we provide a supportive and structured environment to help them maintain their independence while also reducing the stress and burden on family caregivers.

Do you aim to attract only local and national clients and patients?
Both facilities cater to all nationalities residing in Bali. Currently at Hovi Assisted Saba, most of our clients are foreign nationals. In Hovi Club most of the members are Indonesians.

You mention that the cost of your services is less than in Europe, by about how much in percent?
Affordability is obvious in comparison with Europe due to few different factors however our focus remains in consistent delivery of high quality of service and care for our elderly clients.

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HoviCare has teamed up with a reputable, and locally-known hospital group, Kasih Ibu Group. How did this partnership come about?
The President Director and owner of Kasih Ibu Hospitals Group has always envisioned the need/ availability of care of international standard for elderly living in Bali, both Indonesians and foreign nationals. Kasih Ibu Hospitals Group leads the way with HoviCare who have invested more than 30 years in building up the franchising model for offering the best possible wellbeing service for seniors – and peace of mind for their families.

As the first of its kind in Bali, does HoviCare envisage any challenges?
Due to pandemic years the information sharing, socialization of the new facilities had a late start. Hence the current emphasis on name awareness and services offered to the right audience. Different cultural ways of taking care of elderly in Indonesian families requires further informative efforts.

Does HoviCare have its own diagnostics laboratory? Heart disease, Alzheimers, dementia or just general health checks, even? What would you say are your specialties?
Most common diseases affecting the elderly is Alzheimers among other neurocognitive disorders (NCDs/dementia). At Hovi Assisted Saba, more than 50% of the residents are with NCDs/dementia, ranging from mild to major cases. All of our caregivers are nurse certified, trained, knowledgeable and have years of experiences in handling and giving care to elderly with NCDs.

Diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders can be done in consultation with the neurologist at Kasih Ibu Hospital. At both Hovi Club and Hovi Assisted, an MMSE assessment can be done by the doctor or lead nurse. MMSE (Mini-Mental State Examination) is a screening tool to provide overall measure of cognitive impairment.

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What about emergency situations? Sudden falls or heart problems?
The fact that Hovi Assisted is integrated with Kasih Ibu Hospital in Saba, any emergency situation which might occur to our elderly resident can be dealt with in a very prompt manner.

Started by a family for their family, HoviCare is now a global franchise. Are you still looking for more partners?
Yes definitely. Franchising inquiry can be directed to Singapore office.

Are you currently taking bookings in advance or is there a membership?
HoviClub offers membership, Hovi Assisted is currently taking reservations in advance.

If someone thinks they will be needing your services in the next few years, can they “write their name down”? As we do with our children and schools…
Most definitely it can be done. We are receiving inquiries from different corners of the world, those who want to spend their elderly period in Bali, in our care.

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Lastly, what is HoviCare’s motto, and why would we choose to place our elderly in your care as opposed to keeping them at home?
As our service pledge “Own Your life“ indicates, at HoviCare we believe that a good life involves valuing a customer’s individual choices, openness, transparency of operations, positive outlook and memorable service experience. Every day.

Individuality means that all our decisions are made based on the client’s needs and wishes. The senior is valued as an individual with their habits and personal requirements, respecting and fostering their right to act autonomously.

I’d say the family would have a lot more peace of mind if their loved ones who need assistance with daily activities and mobility, those with NCDs/dementia, are trusted under our care (Hovi Assisted Saba). The high quality 24/7 facilities, structured activities, services, food quality, well trained genuine caregivers, medical attention, all combined with focus to maintain the wellbeing of our elderly clients, is definitely worth an option.

At Hovi Club Teuku Umar for some days of the week your loved ones could have a great change of atmosphere, able to interact with friends, enjoy various activities, under close supervision of our dedicated caregivers.

Thanks, highly informative. And thank you for your time, and we look forward to coming for a site inspection soon…

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