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The Yak’s Top Alternative Bars, Speakeasies, and Lounges in Bali

From Petitenget through Berawa to Batubolong and beyond, the new drinking scene in Bali plays host to beautiful people, creative and crafted cocktails in uber-sexy venues, all just oozing with style, class and banging tunes!

The Yak takes you to our very favourite watering holes, starting with what can possibly be classified as one of the first Speakeasys in Bali that carried with it a very strong Speakeasy storyline – The Shady Pig, the first of the four Shady’s in Bali…

THE SHADY PIG – Berawa, South Canggu.

the shady pig

Concept: The Family first established itself in Birmingham as a gang of illegal bookmakers. They quickly extended their activities to bootlegging and rose to power through corruption, protection and violence. By the end of the 1920s they had become Birmingham’s most notorious gang and ran the city from behind the scenes.

the shady pig

Located in Berawa, The Shady Pig is an experimental sipping lounge, inspired by the roughness and the glamour of the 1920s. The venue will transport you back in time to Birmingham, slap bang into the contraband laboratory of The Shady Family. Bonded to its concept, The Shady Pig is a speakeasy-style lounge that has a strict password-only policy.

IG: @theshadypig
FB: The Shady Pig
Bookings & reservations: +62 819-9163-1405 or hello@theshadypig.com

SEGNO BALI – Batubolong, Mid-Canggu.

segno bali

Credits Indra WirasSegno

Yutaka Nakashima brings his style and precision to Bali with the opening of Segno, his second discreet cocktail bar, following the success of Koda in Jakarta. Located on Batu Bolong in Canggu, behind a sliding fire-escape door, Segno offers delicious and perfectly balanced drinks to be savoured in a refined yet unpretentious atmosphere. The extensive cocktail menu offers interesting and unusual combinations featuring local ingredients like pandan, moringa, coffee and lemongrass.

segno bali

Segno Yutaka Nakashima

Segno Bali provides an alternative bar experience in Canggu: a relaxed atmosphere for those who want to enjoy well-crafted drinks, comfortable seats and music as well as, wait for it…conversation! The bar occupies the floor above the newly-opened restaurant Luma, which provides a special food menu for Segno, including lamb, taleggio and pea arancini; mushrooms, burrata and truffle oil bruschetta and softly fried soft-shell crab all ideal to accompany cocktails. Crafted culinary canapés, curated cocktails and somewhere to enjoy a conversation!

IG: @segno.bali
FB: Segno Bali
Bookings & reservations: +62 821-1999-5288

THE SHADY FOX – Pererenan, North Canggu.

the shady fox

Concept: Having developed strong connections in both the underworld and political scene, The Shady Family decided to expand its operation to London, establishing itself as one of England’s most notorious underworld syndicates. They opened a series of gambling clubs dominating the illegal gambling scene, via casino fixing, money laundering and corruption.

the shady fox

Located in Pererenan, The Shady Fox is a cocktail parlour where glamour, roulette and late-night entertainment invite you to surrender to a playful night of nostalgic fun. The Shady Fox will transport you back to London in the 30s, in the heart of The Shady Family’s clandestine gambling operation. Knock at the right door, and you’ll find yourself in an illegal gaming room, playing your luck at classic games and sipping on some theatrical cocktails.

IG: @theshadyfox__
FB: The Shady Fox
Bookings & reservations: +62 813-3995-5488 or hello@theshadyfox.com

BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR – Berawa, South Canggu.

behind the green door

As one of Canggu’s newest cocktail lounges and music emporiums, BGD aim to provide their guests with an intimate experience, filled with good vibes and fresh beats from Bali’s favorite DJ collectives, as well as fun and frolics from world-renowned international acts.

Behind The Green Door also provide exotic and flavour-some nibbles to pair and enjoy with their crafted house-made cocktails, all prepared from start to finish in their one of a kind mixology room. Expect tattoos and tequila, nomads and Negronis. Art, music, beats, bites and beauty!

behind the green door

The interiors provide a visually pleasing, cool and cozy speak-easy lounge/club setting, sprinkled with sophistication and sexiness. They are very proud to have Harris Mahendra, award-winning cocktail enthusiast as the backbone to their cocktail creations, as well as Kilo Collective’s Chef Jethro Vincent as the wizard in the kitchen. All in all, they are providing the best beats, bites and cocktails, week in & week out to their beloved community. They also like to keep things mysterious, so be sure to DM them for the entry password!

IG: @behindthegreendoor_bali
FB: Behind The Green Door
Bookings & reservations: +62 813-5368-0981

THE SHADY FLAMINGO – Petitenget, North Seminyak.

the shady flamingo

Concept: After successfully supplying the American market with whisky and gin during The Prohibition, The Shady Family decided to further expand their bootlegging operations and invest their laundered money in America. They partnered with the infamous Genovese Family, and hired Betty Hood to keep tabs on the ongoing, underworld goings-on.

the shady flamingo

Located in Petitenget, The Shady Flamingo is an intimate cocktail den where Hollywood glamour and shady gangster vibes blend together, and make for playful nights of lavish decadence. The Shady Flamingo will transport you back to Los Angeles in the 1940s, to the secret den of America’s Queen of the Mob, Betty Hood. Ring the right bell and step through into the flamboyant décor of her living room, where celebrities, politicians, gangsters & molls are invited to mix & mingle over bubbles, glitzy cocktails and vinyl tunes.

IG: @theshadyflamingo_
FB: The Shady Flamingo
Bookings and reservations: +62 813-9084-2764