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Time to get Away, Away…!

For many people, spas and spa treatments are usually considered to be a day-time luxury, but in this day and age of working ‘all hours’, trying to squeeze in a relaxing spa treatment in between creating, editing and uploading content, scheduling or deleting posts is nigh on impossible.


Well, it has been for the last couple of years, but thankfully Away Spa, at W Bali Seminyak, has reintroduced its 24-hour spa.


So finding all work-boxes ticked until the next day, we book in a 9pm slot. Arriving at 8.50pm we look over the spa menu, sniff the scented oils, and start to relax to the sound of piped music. The neon lights gently change, our hectic street mood chills; we are ready to head into the spacious double-treatment room after checking and changing clothes in the locker room. We order a cocktail. Away Spa and W Bali Seminyak always take it to another level. After a day like today, we deserve to pat ourselves on the back, as our own backs are getting patted! It’s glitzy & glamorous and that’s what this evening is all about.


This Spa offers all the treatments; hair healing, facials and waxing; mani pedis, massages and full-body treats. Goddess Glow or Raw Energy, all body treatments come with full-body massages, scrubs and facials and in some cases wraps – definitely choose the wraps, as these hug you, calm you and allow your busy mind to drift…Away from the hectic speed of online busy-ness; away into peace, calm and tranquility, thanks to the music, the practiced movements of the masseuse and of course the mood lighting.

You choose. Will you invite yourself to take a step out of chaos, and into a world of sublime calm? Just for two hours, maybe three? You can even stay on and use their fabulous facilities, hot and cold pools and steam rooms…Or maybe plan ahead and plunge, freeze and steam before your treatment? You see, it doesn’t really matter, they are open 24/7 so for once there really is no need to rush, no need at all!!



Tel: +62 361 3000106
Email: awayspa.wbali@whotels.com