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Top Notch Villas With BVHVR

Villas, villas everywhere, now which one should you choose?

Let’s glance back in time and see what the overnight villa options were on Bali, let’s say almost half a century ago? Well, first up was The Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali, which was developed as an all-villa property in the late ’70s. Skip into the mid ’90s and The Villas on Jl. Kunti in Seminyak were just being incubated. Skip forward a few more years and the race was clearly on – The Ahimsa, The Elysian, The Dusun, all multi-villa properties and all managed by semi-professional hotel management teams.

Skip on yet again into this millennium and the rental of privately owned, single-villa properties started to saturate the market. And in response to this ‘singular’ addition, (which was neither marketed nor run by a professional, hospitality management company) a new industry (to Bali anyway) was born – the Villa Management Company.

Elite Havens sold, rented and managed numerous luxury-lifestyle properties – they were definitely the pinnacle and the company leading the charge in this new world of villa rentals and real estate. Joining them on the sales side were Exotiq and Paradise Properties, all claiming street-side billboard space, designing umpteen websites and opening various offices across the south. And so villa investment poured in.

But let’s concentrate on the rental market, after all this is where help is needed on both sides of the villa spectrum. You might either be a villa owner – I say owner loosely as you could probably have a leasehold – or a traveller to Bali looking for affordable luxury, privacy and preferably a fully-staffed villa so that the whole family can enjoy the holiday, not just the kids!

Owner Or Guest?

Owner. Let’s touch on the challenges of owning and renting your villa in Bali. Firstly, you might have a genteel and trusted staff that have been with the family for years, so thankfully the “managing” of the villa is not an issue (except for guidance and the occasional spring clean/upkeep) but possibly where the proverbial hits the breeze is on the marketing level. How does one keep up with Google’s algorithms? Post often enough to keep followers engaged? Upload enough “decent” content to stay ahead of the rental pack? And more importantly, how to stay away from joining alternative online options that charge huge commissions and demand a minimum ad spend every so often?

Today’s Top of the Choice is Bali Villas Holiday Vacation Rentals aka BVHVR, and with a name like that it clearly is not an agency that has anything to do with long-term rentals! The chief coffee-maker behind the brand comes from a real-estate background and, soon after the non-event that was Y2K for those that remember, he saw the niche in the market and, as all good entrepreneurs do, covered it. Listing only four-star villas and above, and now with over 800 properties on the books, BVHVR are quite comfortably the agency of choice to list your villa for short-term rentals. Foremost, there are no marketing fees! Secondly, since they are not involved in managing the villas they can focus solely on the promotion of said villas under their umbrella. And thirdly, the villa owner also has the freedom to rent the villa with no limits (not so with other agencies). So if you have a one-bedroom pool villa or even a 15-bedroom villa that you need promoted and marketed but not managed, then maybe drop them a line.

Guest. Are you a traveller, mired down in the world of choice, dubious reviews, with no point of contact on Bali to assist you and your family in getting past the battalions of taxi drivers at the airport? At BVHVR they pride themselves on the personal touch, the direct contact. They will assist you in your booking. They will meet and greet you at the airport, arrange private tours and recommend places to eat and play. The hand-picked and experienced team that speaks six languages between them, from Chinese to Dutch to French and beyond are there dedicated to ironing out any minor glitches you may have whilst on your holiday. And, as we know from TripAdvisor and other review sites it seems there can always be a few!

So if you’re looking to book a Bali holiday online head to Bali Villas Holiday Vacation Rentals, your portal to fully staffed, tropical opulence.


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