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Two dates – two dinners – two palaces – two Royal families – 6 supernatural priests and thousands of years of history…Bali Poleng Events.


Bali Poleng introduces Royal Mystic Dining Experiences to raise funds for the ongoing lead-up events and ceremonies to the 2nd Annual Day of Balance on January 21st, 2023.
The 2nd Annual Day of Balance will bring together 108 “parishes”, 500 priests, the kain poleng (the black and white checkered Balinese cloth signifying balance between dark and light energies) and the kul kul – bamboo or wooden carved sound chambers which “tok tok” when hit repeatedly with a wooden stick – this gathering of all these elements is energy clearing at its best. Time to rebalance the people, the island, the region and the world!


These Royal Mystic Experiences will take place at the Puri Agung Peliatan palace in Ubud (Puri = Palace) on Saturday, August 27th from 5pm onwards.


The second Royal Mystic Experiences will take place in Puri Anyar Kerambitan in Tabanan from 5pm onwards (date to be confirmed).

Guests will be able to meet Balinese healers individually, receive information as to their “state” of energy from auric readers, meet the 95 year-old Balinese forest-dwelling shaman NyurNyur, and enjoy free flow local delicacies of natural herbs and health drinks plus a great dining experience in the Royal Palace courtyards.

Single tickets to attend the event and dine : Rp.1’250’000/pax
Ticket to both dinners : Rp.2’000’000/pax
Book a table for 8 pax : Rp.7’500’000

All proceeds go to the “108 Bajra” (The Bali priests’ foundation for them to conduct and pay for all the lead up ceremonies to the main event)

Dress code: Black and White

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