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Unique Opportunity to Delve Deep into Bali’s Art-world with a Unique Kamasan Painting Workshop at Vije Boutique Resort in Ubud on May 28th

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SHL Asia proudly presents the Kamasan Painting Workshop with a Dewata Nagari theme on May 28th, 2023, at Vije Boutique Resort, Ubud. The workshop will be led by experienced Kamasan artist Nyoman Sukma, and will be an unforgettable learning experience for all traditional Balinese painting enthusiasts.

This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to learn the techniques in creating a hallmark of Kamasan painting, the story of Dewata Nagari. Dewata Nagari is a distinctive painting theme in traditional Balinese art that depicts the heavenly realm of the Balinese Hindu belief system, where gods and other celestial beings reside. It showcases various Hindu deities and goddesses worshipped by the Balinese Hindus.

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Participants will be actively guided by Kamasan artists who have experience in creating traditional Balinese paintings, and will gain in-depth learning experience about special Kamasan painting techniques.

This one-day workshop on May 28th is open to the public. The workshop package includes a complete Kamasan painting kit, selected food and beverages for the Royal coffee break and lunch, along with a bunch of goodies, including carefully curated handmade Kamasan souvenirs, Dewata Nagari merchandise, night stay vouchers, dining vouchers, spa vouchers, and a complete painting kit. And for the lucky ones, a Timeless Harmony Book.

shl asia

The Kamasan Painting Workshop with Dewata Nagari theme at Vije Boutique Resort, Ubud, Ubud is an opportunity not to be missed by artists and art lovers alike. This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to explore and discover creativity in painting, as well as provide insight into the traditional art of Kamasan painting in Bali. In this workshop, participants will learn about the right Kamasan painting techniques, understand the philosophical meanings in Kamasan paintings, and gain experience in getting to know Kamasan artists directly. Plus, with a comfortable and supportive Vije Boutique Resort facility, participants can paint with peace of mind while enjoying a beautiful view of the valley, green trees, temples, and the tranquil atmosphere of Bali.

For registration, kindly directly contact the official @shl.asia_ Instagram account through the link provided. Don’t miss this opportunity to jump in on a cultural journey to deepen your knowledge and develop your Kamasan painting skills. Be a part of the magical cultural experience with SHL Asia.

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