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Vera Yanti Kretschmar

The Yak goes one on one with… 

… the founder of Anaya Aesthetics, Vera Yanti Kretschmar – a global, luxury business mind, currently backing venture-capital and angel investments and crypto – to find out more about the unique offerings, procedures and beauty treatments available at this popular, new luxury clinic; we also wanted to know about their Brotox…!

anaya aesthetics

Good morning Vera. Can you give us a bit of background on Anaya Aesthetics? When and where did the brand originate?

I always dreamed of having my own beauty/ aesthetics clinic, and after having visited most clinics in Bali I realized that there is no real international standard, modern looking, chic clinic on the island. So during Covid I started the venture in order to bring cutting-edge, aesthetic procedures to Bali.

anaya aesthetics

You have located yourselves in downtown Kerobokan. Can you tell us a bit more about your facilities, and why you chose this area in Bali?

Having some villas in the Seminyak area, I personally prefer this more high-end area of Bali, I also believe that in a way it’s a good central spot on the island, and easily accessible. We have a fantastic corner location on one of the busiest streets in Bali!

Can you tell us a bit more about your injectables, fillers, infusions, and your skin boosters?

We use all big brand names for fillers and injectables, and our skin boosters like Profhilo are amongst our top requested treatments now, as they enhance the overall skin texture and can fill small lines as well.

anaya aesthetics

We’d love a brief introduction to the Anaya Team of doctors, cosmetologists and aestheticians?

We currently have three full-time doctors, Dr. Liana, Dr. Silfia, Dr. Endri and Nina is our Clinic Manager and she runs the day-to-day operations.

What personalised treatments do the doctors carry out?

Much of our clientele like to mix the facials (skin polishing and daily routines and products that we sell) together with the injectables and Botox/ Hifu so as to enjoy a natural, yet wrinkle-free skin, tighter overall.

anaya aesthetics

What products do your aestheticians use?

We use Dermalogica at our clinic.

Joining a growing number of aesthetic clinics, how do you and the team set Anaya apart from other clinics?

In terms of what sets us apart from the competition? There really is no other international, luxury and modern, chic clinic like ours in Bali. We offer a different experience from the moment you walk into our clinic, the Anaya vibe is all marble floor, all white, chic, minimalistic with top doctors, nurses, aestheticians and the newest applications and machines on an international level. 

What is the proportion of men vs. women on your client list? What treatments are men mostly interested in?

Mostly women, but we encourage men to come to our clinic, we offer hair-loss treatments, skin renewals, cheek fillers and other treatments which are also loved by men, beauty is not anymore just for women, its 2022! 

Unlike some other clinics who might just cover aesthetics, you also focus on beauty treatments such as facials, lymphatic drainage and more?

Yes, we offer skin treatments and lymphatic drainage as we believe the monthly facials and daily routine is a big part of having glowing skin. Nobody who comes for injections is happy with bad skin, so it’s the daily routine we’d like to help clients achieve, mixed with deep cleansing facials and hydrations and the Dermalogica products that we like to recommend to the clients. Overall beauty is our goal and not just the one tiny area.

Your fabulous shop also supplies facial rollers and Gua Sha, luxurious bath salts, bath soaks and more, do you also offer gift vouchers?

We have a big variety of products that we sell in our shop, and we have new, exciting products coming in over the next few months. We believe in a long-term relationship with all our product suppliers and hence we slowly add them into the shop only if we believe the products fit the Anaya brand philosophy.

I see you recently started opening on Sundays, is this to do with an increase in people visiting Bali, or people working and not having time to come in during the week?

We feel a lot of people have more time on the weekends, so it is also for people living in Bali. We are open 7 days a week for our clients and we even started doing home visits and hotels visits for guests as well.

anaya aesthetics

Any expansion plans in the pipeline?

Funnily enough, yes! We are looking to expand across the island in 2023 and also into Singapore, so watch out for us in other countries! 

Wow, Anaya Aesthetics really is a one-stop beauty destination – thank you for your time!

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