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Where Angels Fear To Tread: Vincent Nigita

As we move closer to the tail-end of 2020 (everyone’s annus horribilis), The Yak decided to meet some of the fearless few who have planned or opened new businesses in these tougher-than-tough times. Here we chat with Vincent Nigita

Tell us your name, your business name, what industry it is in?
My name is Vincent Nigita, and I also use my name as my Food and Beverage business. It called Vincent Nigita Patisserie and Nigita Dessert Bar.

What experiences or services does your brand offer?
Whether we are talking about the Bar or the shop, we want to offer a memorable and unique dessert moment to our guests. A chance to taste the unexpected and to discover Vincent’s personality and creativity. We want our clients to take home the best of the French dining experience. And to propose an uncommon dessert experience at the Bar – an outstanding taste discovery including pleasantly provocative cocktail pairing.

When did you first start planning this business?
Two years ago.

While everyone around you was laying-off workers and closing businesses what was it that made you keep going and continue the dream within the unfolding nightmare?
None of us can avoid what is going on in Bali, but I saw a potential for business, so I simply continued with my dream and thankfully this has been met with a fantastic demand from my customers.

How long have you been in your chosen field of business?
It’s been 17 years now.

How many people do you employ? 

What are the factors that you appreciate about this C19 business hiatus?
It  has been a great opportunity to connect with many other chefs on the island as we have shared and supported each other during this time.

What upcoming challenges do you foresee?
Every day is a challenge during this time, but the best is yet to come. There will always be something happening here at my bar!

Are you currently running any promotional campaigns and / or amazing offers?
During the day, our dessert bar offers a Tea Time package until 6pm and a quality Plating Dessert plus Cocktail pairing every weekend, along with great music to enjoy the night.

Do you have a mantra, music or a motto (or YouTube video or similar) that you have used, weekly or daily, as you have completed and opened in these trying times? We would love you to share with us.
French hiphop! Keeps me positive throughout the day.

Lastly, can you let us know your business opening times and address so we can come visit, and thank you in person for your optimism and passion.
10am-10pm for the shop.
2pm-6pm for the dessert bar.
7pm-12am for the weekend (Thursday-Saturday).

Matur suksema and as ever – may The Yak be with you.

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