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With the Theme ‘Soil’, Ubud Food Festival 2023 Creates a Space for Food Traditions, Culinary Innovations, Sustainability, Regenerative Farming and Soil Conservation.

ubud food festival

The Ubud Food Festival returns from 31st of June to 2nd of July. Over 40 local and internationally-acclaimed chefs, foodpreneurs, writers, producers, farmers, film-makers and food scientists will descend on Ubud in a soil-inspired smorgasbord of diverse flavours, cultures and food-based conversations. One of Southeast Asia’s leading culinary celebrations, the Ubud Food Festival (UFF), returns to Ubud, June 30 to 3 July. Over three action-packed days, our chefs will dish up their cutting-edge innovations and time-honoured, well-tuned flavors, while our food experts shine a light on the latest food technology, sustainable practices and methods for soil conservation. The chefs who will take part in the festival include Petty Elliott and Hans Christian (from the award-winning August Jakarta), L.G. Han (from Singapore’s Michelin-starred Labyrinth), famous Korean TV personality Judy Joo and the legendary babi guling (roasted pig) icon from Bali, Ibu Oka. The list goes on!

ubud food festival

The program includes thought-provoking panel discussions, immersive masterclasses, workshops, food tours, long table lunches, dinners, jungle foraging, walking tours and cocktail parties. At night you can unwind at the Festival hub, while experiencing Bali’s best pop-up food stalls, film screenings, live music and DJs. The festival’s theme ‘Soil’ (Tanah), is the foundation for a series of discussions honouring this most important living ecosystem that sustains our lives and connects us with our food systems, our heritage, and our traditions. “As a source of life, soil always provides and this year we want to honour its fundamental importance. The land is a wise and spiritual mother that we often forget and while it continues to nourish us, it must also be protected.” said UFF Founder and Director, Janet DeNeefe.

ubud food festival

This year’s UFF design was created by fourteen year-old Balinese artist, Ni Wayan Tiksna Gangga, from Batuan, a village renowned for its traditional artwork. “We chose a young girl to create the design because the future belongs to the young and women play an important role in the preservation of our planet.” Said DeNeefe. Gangga’s artwork focuses on the underground life system of soil that provides the nutrients for all that we eat, from tropical fruits to rice. “The material I used to create this artwork comes from nature, such as butterfly pea flowers, fruit peel and Balinese arak. I chose organic materials to reflect the Balinese cultural concept of maintaining harmony between humans and nature. This work also addresses the issue of soil conservation,” said Gangga. Tickets for the first set of special events go on sale first week of May.

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