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Melati Wijsen Launches YOUTHTOPIA, A Youth Empowering Ecosystem

After 8 years on the frontlines of creating change, the now 20 year old full time changemaker, Melati Wijsen, has launched YOUTHTOPIA; a youth empowering ecosystem where young changemakers create content & educational programs around their skills learned at the front lines of change to empower the rising youth. YOUTHTOPIA is not a “lean back” type of textbook. It is a lean forward, education-in-action company.


All of YOUTHTOPIA’s content is made with, by, and for youth from concept to delivery, guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and core changemakers skills. YOUTHTOPIA is community centric and revolves around its Circle of Youth network – young changemakers who have their own projects or track record of change.


Currently, the Circle of Youth consists of 80 youth aged 12-25 year olds from 22 countries. This network includes: Sara Mora (Immigrant Rights Activist), Vanessa Nakate (Climate Activist), Aishwarya Sridhar (Wildlife filmmaker), Mohamad Al Jounde (Founder of Gharsah), Faye Simanjuntak (Founder of Rumah Faye).


Next to the Circle of Youth there is a Circle of Wisdom; the older generation coming together to advise and support the youth at the frontline. Amongst the Circle of Wisdom we count: Shailesh Rao, Cristina Ventura, Erik Solheim, Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, Virginia Tan.

The newly launched learning platform of YOUTHTOPIA hosts 6 services:

  1. YOUTHTOPIA Masterclass
  2. YOUTHTOPIA 17 SDG lessons
  3. YOUTHTOPIA 1on1
  4. YOUTHTOPIA Careers
  5. YOUTHTOPIA Connects
  6. YOUTHTOPIA Consumes

YOUTHTOPIA offers two experiences: BASIC & PLUS. BASIC has free content for any young changemaker to get started on their journey. PLUS is a USD $120/year subscription which allows changemakers to deepen their knowledge and access our wider range of content. Exclusive also to PLUS, subscribers will be able to upload their resume for Careers where YOUTHTOPIA head hunts for the perfect job match, mentoring service on YOUTHTOPIA 1on1 with the Circle of Youth of your choice, as well as access to more Masterclasses that include assignments and certification.


YOUTHTOPIA strongly believes that change starts with education. There are many amazing youth that do not have access to basic learning, let alone changemaker skills. YOUTHTOPIA wants to change that by having a Scholar Portal where everybody can apply to become a potential YOUTHTOPIAN. Privileged individuals, companies, and institutions that have good intentions and funding available can empower those that need extra support. USD $120 will provide a scholarship for one changemaker’s exclusive access to a year of full learning experience of YOUTHTOPIA.

The driving force behind YOUTHTOPIA is the belief that every young person can be a changemaker.


IG: @youthtopia.world