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Zali From Beirut Brings Nourishing Lebanese Cuisine To Bali

An all-day, vibrant home-style cooking from Beirut’s family kitchen is now open in Pererenan.

Characterized by home-style cooking and friendly hospitality, ‘Zali from Beirut’ is an exciting addition to the gourmet-driven Pererenan Street. Inspired by Mama Liza, a Beirut ‘born and raised’ matriarch whose love for cooking only rivals her devotion to her family, Zali is a convivial eatery that embodies the legendary Lebanese hospitality and love for good Levantine food.


Zali is not only bringing the taste of Beirut to the table, but it also brings along with it the cultures and traditions, which are sharing, kindness and generosity. Guests coming to Zali will get to experience how to celebrate life by sharing a good, homemade meal around the table. Tastefully decorated in a chic white and Mediterranean blue color palette, complemented with wooden furniture in a contemporary setting, Zali from Beirut exudes a comfort ambiance at every corner.


“Lebanese cuisine is naturally wholesome and nourishing. It is akin to a Mediterranean diet because it uses fresh and unprocessed ingredients including plenty of vegetables, legumes, and good fat like olive oil. What we serve at Zali from Beirut is exactly what we eat and share every day around our family dining table,” says Liza. A big supporter of locally grown produce and seasonality, she believes in cooking everything from scratch.

Share a portion of Tabbouleh or Fattoush salads before going for the stars of the Lebanese cuisine such as Falafel, Kafta, and its famous Saj – the essential Lebanese thin flatbread baked on a special dome-like oven. Zali’s Saj bread complements perfectly any of dishes including the Mezzehs, such as “Hummus” (chickpeas and tahini spread), the best seller “Cauli Moutabbal” (roasted cauliflower, yogurt & tahini) and “Labneh with a twist” (strained yogurt, lemon zest, flaked almonds and olive oil). With its love of whole grains, legumes and vegetables, many Lebanese dishes are vegan-friendly. A selection of vegan cheese and gluten-free flatbread are also available upon request.


Meat lovers do not need to worry because chicken and beef are also offered at Zali from Beirut. From Chicken Shawarma to Kebbeh (ground meat, bulgur, onion, pine nuts, and tzatziki), a hearty meal can be had, paired with the restaurant’s signature cocktails such as the mezcal-based Zali Mule and Miso Sage Fizz. Zali from Beirut also serves different weekly mains to give guests the true taste of Lebanese family recipes.


Zali from Beirut serves no pork and no lard.

Jalan Pererenan N0.152, Pererenan, Badung, Bali 80351

Opening hours: 
Daily, 8am to 11pm

Tel/WhatsApp +6281239003100

IG: @zalifrombeirut