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6th Bali’s Biggest Clean-Up Report


After last year limited options to host a massive clean up. It was great to be back, hands on, where locals, visitors, businesses and organisations come together to clean up the island on one single day! For the sixth year in a row ONE ISLAND ONE VOICE | SATU PULAU SATU SUARA founded by Bye Bye Plastic Bags organised the annual Bali’s Biggest Clean Up. This has become an iconic day that many look forward to and raise awareness of plastic pollution.


Although still challenges and in respect to the PPKM regulations, still a total of 3,981 people attended the 6th  Bali’s Biggest Clean-Up

Thanks to the amazing e?orts and data collected by our volunteer coordinators, 70% completed the survey, OIOV can share the following facts and numbers.

Here we go ;

3,981 people joined in 130 locations on the island of Bali and collected 11,7 tons consisting of 88,094 pieces of non-organic trash, but we collected more. This clean up prevented almost 12 tons of waste from entering our waterways and ending up in the ocean.”

– One Island One Voice | Satu Pulau Satu Suara


Coordinators are individuals, groups of friends, organisations or businesses that want to take the lead in organising a clean-up in their local area.

In respect to the current situation of the pandemic and respecting the PPKM regulation, the biggest masses in the Bali’s Biggest Clean Up location this year happened in Petitenget, in collaboration with the “Clean Seminyak” with 103 participants organised by Potato Head, Alila, Kura Kura Beer, The Forge and many more. We had an underwater dive clean up, many schools activated and the hospitality industry was super eager to help and support.

We could not have done it without the time and energy of all 130 Coordinators
And of course the waste collection was in the professional hands of;  Sungai Watch, ecoBali, Plastic Bank and Octopus!
And of course YOU THANK YOU

We are super excited to share some facts and numbers!

The Breakdown of 20.02.2022
The Pie Chart


Thanks to our partner Making Ocean Plastic Free, who for the six year in a row has led the evaluation of the waste collected during our annual event, MAKING OCEANS PLASTIC FREE, who focus on breaking plastic habits: the number one reason for the plastic pollution of our oceans. Also with our amazing partners SUNGAI WATCH that helped us to sort and do the brand auditing.


11.787kg = 11,7 tons collected in one day across Bali in 130 locations.


  1. Plastic packaging
  2. Plastic bags
  3. Plastic straws

BREAKDOWN of non organic waste collected;

Plastic Packaging: 15%
Plastic Bags: 13%
Straws: 13%
Cigarette Butts: 11%
Food Takeaway: 9%
Plastic Cups: 8%
Hard Plastic: 8%
Plastic Bottles: 6%
Shoes and Sandals: 3%
Face Masks: 2%
Fishing Gear: 1%
Cans: 1%
Glass: 2%
Other: 8%

Again a BIG THANK YOU to all who made this day possible! We strongly believe that the time for pointing ?ngers and shaming is over and that we should use the time left for collaborations and impact with all levels whether its government, private sectors, scientists, activists or NGO’s. We need all hands on board. So to all our friends who helped sponsor in one way or another, we could not have done this without your ongoing support; THANK YOU.

SAVE THE DATE for 2023 !
It has become a tradition, a fun day and see you again on February 19, next year!


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