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The Yak Goes One on One with Georgie White of Ocean Soul

Ocean Soul

The Yak heard about a new fashion brand in town and just had to go and get the lowdown. We meet Georgie White, who is practically more comfortable under water than above!

Georgie, can you break it down for us? Where were you born, and do you have a dog?

I was born and raised 45 mins outside of Melbourne, in what used to be a country town! My family still lives near where I grew up, but just on the other side of the highway where there are still rolling green hills. I don’t have my own dog as I move around a lot, but when I go home I am surrounded by my family’s dogs.

What brought you to Bali?

Originally, one of my best friend’s was getting married here. And I loved it so much I stayed on longer, and then as Bali tends to do, it got under under my skin and I am now based between here and Australia.

Let’s backtrack to your passion with freediving and all things water. How did you start? Who or what influenced you?

A good friend I met overseas in 2010 told me I should try it, as he knew ot would be something I’d love it. Since then, it was on my list of to do’s. Fast forward to 2017, I ended up on a boat in Komodo and by chance, one of the other guests was a Freedive instructor. He taught me enough of the basics, and that’s where I fall in love with Freediving and my curiosity deepened. We ended up running some Freediving retreats together in 2018, under my other company, Ocean Soul Retreat.

Ocean Soul

How long can you hold your breath under water? And how deep do you go?

Essh, I am not a fan of doing static breath holds, I prefer combining breath-hold with depth.  For the Freediving requirements, in static I’ve done 3mins 30 and depth 34m.

Personally though, the appeal of freediving to me, is not about depth or length of time. It’s about the complete immersion in the underwater world.
It’s a moving meditation. A slowing of the mind and a true engagement with your breath and body. This intense connection to your mind and the ocean is a physical surrender, where you have to relax and get to experience complete stillness and be immersed in another world.

The ocean breathes with life from the smallest crustacean to the mesmerising Manta Ray; swimming amongst them is exhilarating and exciting; nothing beats it. Every dive you discover something new about yourself and the underwater world.

What other sports or passions do you excel at?

I grew up in the countryside and have always loved living an active lifestyle. We were lucky enough to grow up riding horses and motorbikes, playing tennis, swimming and of course I love surfing as well, which came into my life at a later stage.

You came to Bali and have started a fashion brand called Ocean Soul Bali? Is it just for free diving?

I actually made the Sulawesi one-piece swimsuit originally for myself when I was at the early stages of surfing.  I nearly lost my swimsuit out at Kuta Reef, so was very keen to wear a one-piece from that point on!  There is so much happening when doing water sports, you need your full attention at the task on hand, not trying to keep your swimsuit in place!

Hence why our swimsuits are designed for water sports, so you can remain focused on what you are doing. They also provide UPF protection which keeps you protected when out on the water, or if you are relaxing by the water.

Ocean Soul

Can you tell us more in depth about the brand? The design, the process and the prices?

It has taken a long time to develop each piece with multiple samples along the way. We refine each cut and then test the pieces to see how they hold up in the water. That process all takes a fair bit of time. We use an imported Italian sustainable fabric which increases the overall cost of the garment. However, with that, comes durability and longevity with our suits lasting twice as long as a regular swimsuit, and the fabric has a beautiful luxurious feel.

Are there any other brands doing (or designing) what you are designing? What is it that sets your brand apart?

Many brands are now using sustainable fabrics which is great. The key thing that makes Ocean Soul stand out, is the cut and the style of our suits. The cut flatters the figure with slimming panels that contour the body and complement the natural feminine shape. It means our customers feel confident in and out of the water.

We gather you are opening up a store in Berawa? Tell us more. Is it just for Ocean Soul Bali?

Yes we are, and we are very excited about it! It is our Flagship store and is a beautiful feminine space. The store features some of our underwater images, and has accessories for water women, particularly the surf and freediving community. We are now open from 10am – 7pm in December and January will be open from 9am – 7pm.

Ocean Soul

Horses and llamas? What are they doing on your IG feed? Not @oceansoulbali but your personal feed?

Ha! Well horses, they are my loves! I grew up with them and they will always will be a huge part of my life. I miss them dearly whilst I am in Bali.

The alpacas, well there is a story there. I’ve always wanted a camel since I was a little girl. A friend actually gave them to me during covid (need I say more?!?) but, given where I am at in life, these were as close as I could get for the time being. I love them. They are such unusual characters.

Back to @Oceansoulbali, tell us more about the pieces.

“The Sulawesi” and “Mentawai” One Piece Swimsuits are our timeless classics – sustainable, stylish, sun-smart and stay on above or below the water. They are made from Italian recycled nylon with UPF 50+ protection. Intended for all shapes and sizes, with a flattering design, adjustable features, and lasting durability. Perfect for surfing, swimming, or lounging by the pool. All our pieces are ethically manufactured in Bali.

Our full range includes the long and short sleeve swimsuits, two-piece swim suits with a choice of bikini bottom, zip-up rashies, surf leggings, bamboo tee-shirts, beach bags, visors and skincare so we have something for everyone.

Our swimsuits are available in XXS-XL in store or online www.oceansoulbali.com.

Ocean Soul

Can you give us insight into how you tick all our boxes – especially the sizing? Challenges and breakthroughs, please.

These elements I feel are all super important in being able to deliver a high quality product. I have broadened the size range along the way so we can be all inclusive. We have had multiple issues in the past, where a size XS was made incorrectly, it was small enough for my 8 year old niece! So it has taken time to shift the sizing and get things on the right track to be able to cater for a broad range of sizes.

Looking ahead in business. Do you supply boutiques overseas? If so where, or if not, can boutique owners/buyers just reach out to you?

We do have a small handful overseas, but are definitely looking to develop the wholesale side of the business – all enquiries can be sent to hello@oceansoulbali.com.

And looking ahead personally. What dreams are in place for 2024 and beyond?

I am looking forward to settling into the new shop and developing that further. After that, I can’t wait to spend some time travelling to new places in Indonesia for Surf and Freediving trips.

Georgie, thank you for your time, and all the best for the opening, the incoming year ahead and beyond!!

IG: @oceansoulbali
FB: Oceansoulbali