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Embark on a Sensory Odyssey with East Indies Gin: A Symphony of Indonesian Elixirs

East Indies Gin

Spice Islands Distilling Co. is Indonesia’s first authentic craft distillery, producing authentic spirits using traditional methods. No flavouring and essences to be found here! Spice Islands Distilling Co. believes authenticity and an unrelenting commitment to quality is the key to its success. In two short years, it has taken over the Indonesian market, has been exported to four countries and has received more than Twenty International Awards and medals, it’s safe to say they might be onto something.

“Indonesia is such a great place to make gin, we have 10% of the world’s flowering species here, it’s a distillers paradise” say General Manager, Richard Irving. The distillery specifically focuses on getting the best ingredients and botanicals from around the archipelago, showcasing the myriad flavours Indonesia has to offer.

East Indies Gin

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, East Indies Gin is made in small batches on a bespoke 550L copper still. Named ‘Gede’ (a nod to the Balinese name given to a first child), the hybrid still was made by the revered German producer CARL GmbH, arguably the finest producers of stills in the world. Each run is a single shot distillation, requiring the distiller to perfectly balance botanicals for the final distillate. The highest quality Macedonian Juniper and a handpicked selection of Indonesian botanicals are macerated in the highest quality imported grain neutral spirit to create a smooth, flavourful and distinctive Indonesian Gin.

East Indies Gin

Paying homage to its roots, East Indies Gin currently has two captivating variants. The inaugural offering, East Indies Archipelago Dry Gin, presents a classic juniper-forward flavour profile, inviting connoisseurs to revel in the essence of traditional gin. Yet, it is the inclusion of signature Indonesian botanicals, Kecombrang (Torch Ginger Flower) and Andaliman (Batak Pepper), that makes this super premium craft gin distinctively Indonesian. Authentic in every sip, this gin is great in a G&T as well as any citrus cocktails like a Gimlet or Tom Collins, where the Kecombrang adds an Indonesian twist.

East Indies Gin

The second variant, unveiled in early 2023 is the East Indies Bali Pomelo Pink Gin. This edition marries the freshness of Bali pomelo with the sweet aromas of Bedugul strawberries resulting in a playful gin with an invigorating aroma of freshly cut pomelo and grapefruit. Served over ice or with a splash of tonic, or soda, this gin drinks very well, it’s also great to give an exotic twist to a dry martini giving just a hint of pink blush.

Each bottle is a tour de force of Indonesian flavours instantly transporting you to the Spice Islands.
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