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Exquisite Gifts: Crafted Meticulously by Hand in 100% Reclaimed Silver, Gold and Diamonds, Each John Hardy Piece is Part of Tomorrow’s Heritage.

John Hardy

The art of curating meaningful holiday gifts that forge profound connections is an enchanting ritual, demanding meticulous consideration and heartfelt intent. John Hardy epitomizes the very essence of self-expression, drawing inspiration from its deep-rooted heritage, a commitment that remains steadfast. With design conceptions originating in New York and brought to life through painstaking craftsmanship in Bali, their extraordinary Holiday 2023 collection stands as a testament to the brand’s remarkable artistry and enduring creativity, spanning nearly half a century…

John Hardy

Spear: The Evolution of an Icon

A thrilling reinterpretation of John Hardy’s artisanal legacy infused with a contemporary, enticing twist, the Spear collection embodies both rawness and refinement, seamlessly merging the brand’s signature textures with dazzling accents of bright diamond pavé. Infusing a heritage technique with a luxurious, precious appeal, Spear represents a bold evolution of John Hardy’s iconic Classic Chain, epitomizing tradition and innovation for sophisticated yet edgy pieces.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Balinese weaving, the Spear collection showcases precious metals meticulously hand-wrapped around a flexible titanium core, resulting in an intricately textured chain that flexibly wraps around the wrist, finger or neck with grace. Crafted to celebrate the warrior within us all, the collection stands as a robust yet graceful testament to the finest artistry of John Hardy.

John Hardy

Surf: Embrace the Holiday with a Wave of Self-Expression

Bold yet sensuous, invoking the untamed power of ocean waves, the Surf collection finds inspiration in a solitary link extracted from the brand’s iconic woven chain. Magnified into exaggerated proportions to become a quintessential John Hardy element, this link is showcased across all categories in highly sculptural styles, ranging from pendant necklaces, statement collar necklaces, to closed hinged bangles featuring ingeniously engineered clasps for a secure fit, alongside sculpted rings and earrings. Crafted from 100% reclaimed silver, 14K gold, and diamond pavé that glimmers like sea spray, Surf presents an array of sizes, from delicate gauges to daring proportions that magnificently display the depth and relief of the link. Fashioning a captivating seascape of styles, seamlessly transitioning from formal to casual, the collection evokes the perpetual movement of the ocean’s eternal rhythm.

John Hardy

Men’s: Gifting Timeless Styles Brimming with Character

The core silhouettes in the Men’s collection have been thoughtfully reimagined, resulting in a robust foundational range. The Holiday 2023 Men’s collection introduces new Dog Tag pendants and Signet Rings that easily complement existing styles, allowing for effortless layering. Moreover, an exquisite curation of natural and earth-tone stones including Black Onyx, Tiger’s Eye, Red Carnelian, and white Mother of Pearl establishes a distinct stone palette, creating an ongoing du jour fashion statement to the collection.

Discover the extraordinary collection of Signet Rings meticulously crafted from the finest materials, comprising 100% reclaimed silver and 14k gold. These remarkable rings feature captivating Black Onyx or Tiger’s Eye stones adorned with symbolic designs embodying the essence of John Hardy’s spirit. Among these designs, one can find the captivating wave and the iconic Balinese split gateway, symbolizing the entrances to the island’s famed compounds or palaces, divinely split to create a central passage for all. These Signet Rings radiate a harmonious blend of elegance and artistry that remains unparalleled. Complementing these exquisite ring styles are three silver necklaces, showcasing a sleek 2mm foxtail chain paired with a striking Dog Tag pendant also available in Black Onyx or Tiger’s Eye.

Together each of the pieces that go to make up The Spear, Surf and Men’s collection create an incredible ‘anthology’ reflecting the purity of design and the recognizable stamp of John Hardy’s authenticity.

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