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Introducing “PRODUCT”, A New Asian Inspired Neo-Bistro in Canggu…

Product Canggu

Product Restaurant Canggu is an innovative neo-bistro restaurant opening recently on the 12th of November, 2023 under the management of Mozaic. The restaurant features an open kitchen and an exquisite seasonal menu curated by Chef Blake Thornley. Product Restaurant has been making waves in Bali’s culinary scene this end of year with its unscripted bistro- style dining experience, using seasonal produce with a unique “Asian” flair.

Product aims to redefine dining expectations in Canggu. This neo-bistro takes pride in its commitment to simplicity, focusing on the quality, taste, and craftsmanship of each culinary creation, allowing flavours to shine without distraction. It is a testament to the essence of food.

At the center of Product is the open kitchen, which entices diners to be a part of the culinary story. This unique approach fosters trust and transparency, as guests can witness the end-to- end cooking process.

Product Canggu

Chef Blake Thornley, renowned for his culinary prowess as the Head Chef and Co-Owner of Mozaic Ubud, will oversee the kitchen at Product. With his expertise and innovative approach to Asian-inspired cuisine, Chef Thornley promises to deliver a unique dining experience. “Product is not just a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of culinary passion and authenticity. I’m thrilled to introduce a menu that explores the diverse flavors of Asia while focusing on the purity of ingredients. Our open kitchen allows guests to witness right before their eyes what is behind each dish.”

Product Canggu

The menu at Product is designed for sharing, encouraging guests to savour a diverse array of flavours in the company of friends and family. Expect dishes with Asian accents, meticulously crafted to evoke pleasure and delight with every bite.

Product Canggu

To compliment the kitchen, Product shall also feature a bold mixology concept focused on unique highballs and distinctive cocktails with signature twists.  Wine seekers will find themselves a varied selection of wines including natural wines, carefully chosen to enhance the dining experience.

Product is poised to become the go-to destination for those seeking an authentic and laid-back dining experience in Canggu for casual dining, celebrations, or gatherings. With its commitment to culinary excellence, creativity, and transparency, Product promises to deliver an exceptional lasting impression, leaving guests wanting more!

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