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MĀUA Nusa Penida Secures Triple Victory at Prestigious Awards : Exquisite, World Luxury Hotel and Restaurant Awards

Maua Nusa Penida

Bali – MĀUA Nusa Penida, the esteemed island sanctuary, is in a celebratory mood as it proudly clinches three prestigious awards. At the prestigious Exquisite Award ceremony hosted by Exquisite Media, MĀUA was bestowed the coveted title of “Best Island Resort.” Furthermore, the resort attained remarkable success at the World Luxury Hotel Awards, earning distinctions such as the “Global Luxury Private Pool Villa Award,” the “Regional Best General Manager Award,” and the “Regional Luxury Villa Resort Award.” MĀUA continued to dazzle at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards, securing titles in categories including the “Continent Artisanal & Organic Cuisine Award,” the “Continent Luxury Eco-friendly Restaurant Award,” and the “Country Magnificent Scenic Views Award.”

MĀUA’s remarkable triumph in these esteemed awards is a testament to the resort’s unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and exceptional culinary offerings. The online voting process for these accolades allows supporters to cast their votes through the respective websites of each award organizer.

Reflecting on this remarkable achievement, Sebastien Menesguen, General Manager of MĀUA Nusa Penida, expressed, “We are thrilled to be recognized with these prestigious awards. It is a testament to our hard work, dedication, and passion that consistently strive to create an extraordinary experience for our guests and inspiration to continue our mission. We are deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility and offer the finest culinary experiences.

One of MĀUA’s remarkable successes that contributed to MĀUA’s exceptional victory is the creation of an on-site organic garden. This groundbreaking endeavor provides a steady supply of locally sourced, fresh ingredients for our restaurants, championing sustainable agriculture while drastically reducing our carbon footprint associated with food transportation. In synergy with this effort, MĀUA proudly nurtures on-site beehives. These enrich our culinary offerings with natural sweetness and play a vital role in supporting the local ecosystem.

“MĀUA Nusa Penida’s dedication to environmental stewardship shines through in our complete ban on single-use plastic products, safeguarding the island’s pristine beauty. Furthermore, we are deeply involved in safeguarding the critically endangered Bali starling, an indigenous bird species of Indonesia.” Said Sebastien Menesquen, General Manager of Māua Nusa Penida.

Maua Nusa Penida

The resort’s architectural design seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with original limestone terraces and lush gardens, creating a harmonious connection between guests and nature while promoting sustainability.

The spectacular Exquisite Award 2023 ceremony was in Bali on October 28, 2023, while the World Luxury Award gala unfolded in Athens, Greece. These illustrious gatherings drew a distinguished assembly of hospitality industry luminaries, including general managers, marketing communications experts, and esteemed delegates from all participating hotels and restaurants.

MĀUA Nusa Penida’s outstanding success at these renowned occasions underscores the resort’s unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the preservation of Nusa Penida’s unspoiled natural environment.

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