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Albert Priyatama – Marcomm World


Originally this QnA was planned for all those fabulous Marcomm people that kept Bali’s hospitality brands ticking across all mediums… However, since C19 came along a few of these talented professionals have had to find other employment, others did not…

The Yak tracks them down and asks “Where are you now…?”

Name, age (if you want to tell us) and where were you born? 

Hi, I am Albert Priyatama. Born in Jogja, 31 years ago ?

When did you come to Bali?

Let’s s play a numbers game. I landed on the island 4.5 years ago, what year was it? 

Do you have family here? (We include your furry friends into this question). 

I have met so many lovely people (now family) here in Bali over the past 4.5 years. Yet, my biological family lives in Jogja ?

What brands have you worked for over the years?

I’ve been with Bali Dynasty and Menjangan Dynasty Resort since 2018, and thank God, they are still hiring me today! 

Nineteenth of March 2020. When you first heard of the Bali “stay at home” / #dirumahaja regulation what went through your head?

It’s break time! I never expected that this would last longer than I thought…

What was your company’s reaction to this regulation?

We were all like staying ‘calm’, sipping coffee, and started re-strategizing the plan. Team work was extremely good here at Bali Dynasty, it was quite easy but not that easy re-planning the marketing strategy, especially during the uncertain situation. 

How long have you been working at this company? 

To be honest, I feel blessed with this big family here at Dynasty, they are still keeping me on as part of the team from day one. Thank God, I got my permanent contract just couple weeks ago, after 3 years. They are 100% taking care of me. Where else to go, no plan yet! 

What backup measures did you start putting in place when the writing was on the wall? (Covid 19 regulations were extended).

I was trying to remain calm, when actually I was having a panic attack. Gin & tonic please! 

Luckily, I see this situation the other way around, and I see an opportunity to grow my career. Knowing the fact that I have to work less than the normal working days, I think, it is was a call to action. I decided to run some projects along with my colleague (who also impacted by the regulations) and started approaching some brands to help them in terms of handling their social media, or freelance marketing team, or any other things related to PR.

What was your mental state and how did you move forward into a more positive attitude?

As I mentioned, I have always looked at a glass half full instead of half empty, this has helped me to grow and move forward to grow my career, passion, and confidence when facing challenging times. But can I say, thanks to those regulations, and thanks to Covid, I have been growing beyond my expectations. If these regulations were not in place, I might only still be the ‘old’ Albert, who enjoyed the comfort zone. This situation has allowed me to move further, and I thank God, everything is running smoothly. Stay positive, and sip a Gin & tonic! All will be good.

Finally, what are you doing now?

At the moment, it’s a bit controversial to mention, but yes, besides Bali Dynasty Resort and Menjangan Dynasty Resort, I have been helping some brands – fashion (swimwear line), restaurants (beach club, French restaurant, Coffee shop), export/ import company (cargo/ logistics), and even gadget branding (gadget & accessories for mobile phone), they are all based in Bali, Jogja, and Jakarta, I am in place as their marketing freelance or consultant team. 

I am now addicted to working from Monday to Monday, I feel blessed that God has given me this way to be active, and to stay busy. Though, I feel tired sometimes, oh no, many times, lol! 

However, as I mentioned above, this challenging situation has brought me to a stage that I would never have expected. God is great! Indeed!

Definitely let us know if we can support you and we very much hope to catch up all together at some point soon. Until then, we salute your perseverance and strength! 

And readers do please go and support these fabulous people in their positions and companies!