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Always Room4Dessert

Photo: Martin Westlake.

If chocolate is the food of love then Room4Dessert may be responsible for a great many make-ups and more than likely an offspring or two. The air-conditioned dining room where dessert degustation reigns is full of moody moments, from the low lights to the smooth blues and jazz played on the turntable. The cocktails here are justifiably famous for their stringent dedication to doing the classics well (this is a favourite after work haunt for the local chefs). Pairing dessert with their alcoholic suggestions is well advised. Then there is nothing at all to do but carry on with your private moments and enjoy what can only be called a truly unique experience with sweet interludes throughout. It’s hard to resist kicking on to the wine garden at the back and if you’re in luck there may be live music, a little cheese and more of those wickedly good cocktails.

Tel. 081236662806                           www.room4dessert.asia