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Yogyakarta International Airport

Art Jog Jogja Airport

The Yak is up in the air and heading to ArtJog MMXXI. This renowned Art Festival is back on – after a slight hiatus from 2020 wherein it was held in small gatherings and online.

This year’s theme is #ArtsInCommon – #TimeToWonder and will be held at the Jogja National Museum…

To get there we fly in to the brand new airport and since we already flew there beginning of 2021 we thought we might fly back again … and we also would like to let you all know how well designed and carefully curated it is… It definitely makes us want to fly to Kulon Progo International Airport

Art Jog Jogja Airport

Airports, as national airline carriers, often represent a traveler’s first ‘look’ at a nation or country – the ‘first’ judgment per say – that cover-judging moment of the much-looked-forward-to travel experience – so it is highly important to ‘get it right’ when launching a brand new international airport. Welcome to Indonesia’s latest aerodrome – Yogyakarta International Airport – Kulon Progo – or YIA as it comes up when booking on-line.

Art Jog Jogja Airport

Originally opening in May 2019, YIA became fully operational in March of 2020 – an unfortunate time to go ‘full steam ahead’, but with long-term views, this is THE airport that will become a leading flight-hub for Indonesia and will join the ranks of other top-flight choices in South East Asia.

Setting it apart from other landing pads is the fact that the runway is a whopping 3.25kms long – extending a further 350m to reach 3.6kms in the near future. Current welcoming capacity is for fifteen million passengers a year – this capacity will grow to twenty million in Phase 2 with the addition of Terminal 2. More importantly wide-bodied aircrafts can land, namely the Boeing 777 and Airbus 380 – which kind of wipes out the competition of most other Indonesian landing choices.

More interestingly about YIA is the focus on art and culture. Most airports exist plainly to get you from A-B, with a relatively ‘bleurgh’ experience in between. Exceptions of course are Changi Singapore and a couple of other mega-flight stops around the world. Too few in my opinion, as we do seem to spend rather a long time wandering around them, so what YIA is a definite nod to sprucing up that travel experience. And, most importantly it also hosts an amazing children’s play area and a Kids Science Corner!

Jogja Airport

The Yogyakarta Special Region in Java is a powerhouse of culture, art and food, and the art plays an impressive breath of fresh air throughout the halls of the terminals – All under the patronage of the current Sultan, Hamegkubuwono X. And, once a year this historical, regional capital fills with art-enthusiasts from around the globe and Asia for the renowned ArtJog (a seven week Art Festival held in the centre of town)

This year the theme is ARTJOG MMXXI: Arts in Common – Time (to) Wonder and will be held at the Jogya National Museum.

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Jogja National Museum (JNM) is a contemporary art museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. JNM has established under Yayasan Yogyakarta Seni Nusantara (YYSN) management, JNM building complex was first a Former First Indonesia Visual Art School (ASRI-1950) and Faculty of Visual Art and Design (FSRD-1984), which later became Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta.