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The Yak’s Big Six: Meat

Sometimes you just need to feed the beast. Sarah Douglas visits six of the best places in Bali to indulge your inner carnivore.

Fire @ W Hotel Bali – Seminyak

When the waiter arrives at your table with a selection of some of the best cuts of steak available, meat eaters will think they’ve arrived in a heaven of sorts. The selection of steaks is among the best you’ll find in Bali and you choose your cut, how you’d like it prepared, what sauce, which sides (and there are some heavenly sides). All you have to do then is sit back under the kecak-inspired lamps and watch as the chef adds fire. The W Bali in Seminyak lives up to its “wow” factor with this inspired concept, where Bali meets New York steakhouse; it’s a treat for all the senses. As you’d expect, the wine list and cocktails are more than up to the task. And do try to leave room for dessert, it’s the bomb. Literally.
Tel: +62 361 3000 106       www.wretreatbali.com/en/FIRE_LUNCH_MENU       Yak Map K.4


Naughty Nuri’s, Seminyak

To err on the side of pork, you can’t go past Naughty Nuris for their flame-licked, marinated ribs that do not require a knife and fork, ever. In fact it’s probably against the rules, although they are provided. These naughty ribs got their start in the little Ubud roadside warung where martinis arrived to spark the crowd. They have now travelled to Seminyak and Jimbaran and the ribs never fail to draw a crowd, they’re as close to perfect as you’ll find. Order a martini to join the board and enjoy the “shake, shake, shake” show that has become so familiar people now sing along. There’s more on the menu that simply ribs and martinis but not to order them seems somehow wrong.
Tel: +62 361 977 547      www.naughty-nuris.com      Yak Map W.5


Mejekawi, Ku De Ta

Upstairs at Kudeta, overlooking the moonlit stretch of beach below, feels kind of hi-brow but the open kitchen and rocking chefs bring it all back to earth. The latest addition to their inspired degustation menus is a steak menu that rocked our socks. Choose from a choice of rib eye, the 400 gram grass fed or the 1kg monster on the bone, or the glazed organic short ribs. The three course menu is the latest addition to the Mejekawi menu, pried at Rp550,000 per person it begins with freshly baked pretzels served with tuna tonatto and ends with dessert and more than likely a few amuse bouche along the way. Rich, delicious and offered with wine pairing that works brilliantly to turn steak night into a celebration.
Tel: +62 361 736969      www.kudeta.com      Yak Map N.8



This little warung with its industrial chic interior offers a great steak dinner at a fabulous price, and it has the neighborhood all fired up. For around Rp150,000 a perfectly cooked slab of Australian rib eye is served up with béarnaise sauce homemade fries and a green salad studded with walnuts. L’Entrecote is a perfect lunch at 250 grams; at dinner a 500 g version is served, perfect for sharing. Lamb chops are a rare treat and they also appear on this menu at a very affordable price. My Warung has opened out near Echo Beach as well as their original location in Berawa, and plans to open six other folk-friendly My Warungs are afoot. The warung is open for breakfast as well and the menu offers a range of Asian and Western specialties. Delicious food at the right price, what to say?
Tel: +62 82 339 120 880 www.mywarung.com Yak Map N.1


The Butcher’s Club

When you know you want that ultimate burger, the one where the juices run down your arm, the salad is crunchy and the meat is A-grade, you probably want to head to The Butcher Club. The real difference is the way they pain-stakingly take care of their beef. Two grades of beef are firstly aged for the optimum time, and then ground daily, to create these burger patties. The rest is left to nature, fire and the gods of salt and pepper. The buns are baked daily at Monsieur Spoon; the salad is delivered from a dedicated organic farm. This is as far away from fast food as it gets. There is a whole range of burgers on the menu, even some for the vegetarians and perfect mini versions for the kids. The dry-aged steaks are also a highlight on this menu and there’s a lot more to chew on. See how it’s done right, check this one out!
Tel: 2884 0768      www.thebutchers.club      Yak Map Q.3


The Chicken Shop

The most devoured meat of all is the humble chicken. Not so humble at the new Chicken Shop in Berawa where a lot of Aussie know-how has been put into play to create succulent rotisserie chickens that sing with flavor, burgers with fresh fillings including fried, barbecued or pulled rotisserie chicken, a few option for the plant eaters and a neighborhood favourite, the chicken parmi night. The chicken shop is elegantly presented, far and away from the little roadside take away but deliveries still rule here, so stack up your order with homemade gravy, a choice of gourmet salads and sides and spend a night in with the world’s favourite bird.
Tel: +6282145467742      www.thechickenshopbali.com      Yak Map O.1