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Bali’s Top Natural Skincare Brand, Sensatia Botanicals, Releases Their Longed-For Maternity Care Collection.

Sensatia Bontanicals’ Maternity Care collection has been formulated specifically for expectant mothers to help alleviate skin conditions that may appear during pregnancy.

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Sensatia Botanicals, known for over 20 years as the innovative company that introduced sustainable natural beauty products, recently announced the launch of their maternity care line, specifically designed to help expectant mothers maintain healthy skin during and after pregnancy.

This collection features safe and effective products that are free from artificial chemicals to help alleviate common pregnancy symptoms, such as the appearance of stretch marks, itchiness or even swollen feet. Suitable for application during and after pregnancy, this collection includes:

  • Nourishing Sandalwood Stretch Mark Cream features sandalwood and shea butter as the star ingredients. For centuries, women in African cultures have been using sandalwood and shea butter to maintain the skin’s elasticity during pregnancy. These skin-softening botanical ingredients are the base of this buttery cream. Apply it after a shower and before bed, then let the all-natural ingredients work their magic to keep the skin moisturized and supple allowing the skin to stretch more easily.
  • Nourishing Sandalwood Stretch Mark Oil is a nutrient rich oil that helps skin to stretch more easily during pregnancy. The botanical ingredients were chosen for their high vitamin content and ability to moisturize and nourish the skin. Silky smooth and unscented, this luxurious oil can be used throughout pregnancy and long after delivery. For best results apply it twice a day after a shower for all-day hydration.
  • Soothing Cucumber Foot Rub Gel provides cooling relief to swollen feet. Subtly scented with refreshing mint and cucumber, the gel helps to ease foot discomfort and alleviate skin irritation. The nutrient-rich botanical ingredients help to moisturize, soothe, and even naturally deodorize the skin.

sensatia botanicals

Ximenynic acid, extracted from the seeds of the sandalwood tree, is one of the main ingredients used in our formulas for stretch mark treatment. Traditionally, sandalwood is used in Ayurvedic treatments to make the skin smoother, tauter and softer. Based on a study of 30 volunteers, ximenynic acid has been proven to reduce the appearance of stretched skin in just eight weeks. Shea butter, also in the formula, will keep skin moisturized and supple allowing skin to stretch more easily as the pregnancy progresses.

“Our line of products has been loved by many expectant mothers as they switch to natural skincare during pregnancy and continue to do so even after delivery”, says Michael Lorenti Jr., Managing Director of Sensatia Botanicals. “We are happy to provide a specific Maternity Care Collection that works to help pregnant women feel more confident in their own skin.”

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