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Black Circle, from Berlin to Bali; Ethical and Sustainable Fashion on Batu Bolong

black circle

Black Circle is a sustainable fashion label based in Bali, and their talented team make everything by hand, in their own ethical and fair textile production space, situated above their shop in Batu Bolong.

Founded three years ago in Berlin, what started as a project to keep the founders busy and creative during the pandemic, quickly became a serious business. They gained a wide following thanks to their exceptional club wear and street fashion.

black circle

Since then, big changes took place when the whole brand eventually moved to Bali. Once here, they had the opportunity to rebrand, and with that came the chance to expand and approach things with a fresh eye.

Wanting to reach a new audience, yet at the same time give past clients’ elements of what they already loved, they took the core parts of what made Black Circle and approached it a little differently. They fine-tuned their production process in order to deliver even higher quality fashion, added star pieces like their newest dresses and jumpsuits and they launched their first beautiful lingerie line.

black circle

Their principles forever remain the same. They make beautifully crafted, high-quality fashion that does its part for the environment. They do that by planting a tree for each item bought in the shop, they use only paper packaging and they give 1% of their annual income to a charity (This year they made a donation to the wonderful Sea Shepherd). So now you know, Black Circle make clothes that not only look good on you, buying them also makes you feel good too!

Their ongoing journey is towards a more sustainable future. Will you join them in their mission?

IG: @blackcircle.me