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BMX Beyrie By Yann

French hairstylist Yann Beyrie caught our eye on a recent trip to Singapore. Sophie Digby spoke to him about hair, styling and his love of BMX.

Yann, I almost fell off my chair when I read you are a BMX biker! Tell us more.

I started at 10 years old, and the adrenaline was so unreal that I fell in love with this hobby and started to take part in competitions every weekend travelling all over the country with dudes and trainer (French contests, European contests etc). I finished third place in my category at the French Championships 2000.

First memories of passion?

Doing big dirty jumps in the middle of nature with my mates.

First memories of pain?

Massive fall on the skate park with no helmet (ha, ha).

Who was the first person to cut your hair?

My grandma, when she saw my messy blondish white curly hair, she took her kitchen scissors and cut it until it looked decent again.

In your mind, does competing in BMX have anything to do with hairstyling?

Yes, it does. Both are challenging, competitive, and somehow both BMX and hairstyling requires you to use your craft and creativity to stand out from the crowd.

What was Paris like for a 19 year old? Any stand out moments?

Fun! Funky parties . . . sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

Name your mentor and any memories you have of them.

Nicolas Jurnjack for being such an inspiring man in the fashion and hair world.

You styled for Timberlake, Westwood and Gaultier. Which one was the most diva and why?

Gaultier! Because of his ultimate flair of making people look outstanding. He has his own great style and to me the clothes he makes stand out from the rest with a big touch of femininity.

Worst hair disaster ever?

This young lady from Brisbane moved to Singapore a year ago, called me over the phone and exclaimed, “I’ve just had the worst haircut in my life, I look like a mullet! Can you help me fix it?” We arranged an appointment, she came over to have her hair fixed. After couple of hours she finally felt beautiful, confident and trendy again.

Latest award?

Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2017 – Best Haircut in town, and Best In-Salon Treatment.

Golden Scissors Award 2017 – Best salon design.

You live in Singapore. Name your top three bars, your top two restaurants and your one guilty pleasure.

Top three bars – Manhattan Bar, Atlas, Operation Dagger. Top two restaurants – L’atelier de Joel Robuchon and Beni. Guilty Pleasure – Lemon tarts @ Laurent Bernard.

You joined Vidal Sasoon. Tell us a bit more about those formative years in London Town.

It was an unforgettable experience. Every single day during and after staff training I perfected my skills and learned something new about hair, suitability, bone structure, shapes … working with amazing individuals in the fashion industry.

What was the tipping point that made you move to Asia?

Stepping out of my comfort zone. Learning something new. Challenging myself on a new continent. Learn and play.

You own a totally fabulous, minimalist, uber-sexy salon in Wisma Atria in Singapore – who designed it?

I did the design myself since architecture and interior design inspired me a lot, even in hair and shapes. If I wasn’t a hairdresser, I would be an architect.

Out of all the famous people you have preened and primed, was there any great advice you got from any of them?

Work hard but always remember to play hard as well.

Lastly, is there any amazing advice you can give to us, (follicle or otherwise)?

Don’t be afraid of change. Hair is your best expression and personality and your best accessory. Break the boundaries, hair grows… go wow or go home. “ The joy of hair is an art.

Thank you for your time Yann!