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Brew me

Brew Me has been offering us a refreshing concept within the tea industry since 2015 by introducing new blends of taste, color, and smell using various flavors and types of tea. They produce high-grade quality tea blended into ย a selection of organic and premium tea choices.

Brew me

Brew Meโ€™s hand-picked tea leaves are carefully selected from a beautiful tea plantation in Angseri, Bali, located across a vast 50 hectares. Post-pick, these leaves are then carefully selected by tea connoisseurs at the Brew Me tea factory in Gianyar. The people at Brew Me handle the whole operation from planting through to harvesting, manufacturing, and packing each of the quality ranges.

Brew me

Their new 50 gramme โ€œtinโ€ box packaging has recently been launched in answer to their customerโ€™s daily intake, and gives the extra benefit of being durable, light, handy and recyclable!

The ten blends available in this handy and gift-worthy packaging of Brew Me are:

  1. La Vie En Rose
  2. Royal Earl Gray
  3. Midnight in Paris
  4. Morning Shine
  5. Cold Relief
  6. Chamomile Mint
  7. English Breakfast
  8. Jasmine Green
  9. Cranberry Sunrise
  10. Organic White Peony

Brew me

To see their wider range of their local, premium Bali-grown teas and blends visit their official store in Sanur or visit them at www.brewmetea.com

IG: @brewmetea.

fb: brewmetea

You can also order their products online from Shopee, Tokopedia, and Blibli.