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Bye Bye Plastic Bags Partners with Purpose and Launches Its First-Ever Impact-NFT Collection

Purpose Art aims to be the world’s go-to Impact-NFT initiative for organizations and artists seeking to prosper and live out their purpose.


Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ has just launched its first ever Impact-NFT collection with Purpose Art, and it is called the “Plastic-Free Collection.” Sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen are founders of the youth-led organization Bye Bye Plastic Bags, which aims to get people to refuse single-use plastic bags. Melati and Isabel’s advocacy and petition for six years played a part in the Bali government’s decision to place a ban on all single-use plastics in 2018.

Anyone who purchases an Impact-NFT through purpose is assured that 40% of the revenue goes to Bye Bye Plastic Bags as it aims to build a world free of plastic bags through education, campaigns & political meetings, and 40% goes to Aqil, the artist behind the “Plastic-Free Collection.” Purpose also has a royalty-based system where the social enterprise and artist get a portion of sales on the secondary market as well.

Purpose nurtures its artists and provides them with all of the resources they require to develop concepts that are appropriate for each organization. Aqil, the artist who collaborated with Bye Bye Plastic Bags, has always understood the power of art to generate huge momentum and make a real difference. Aqil’s art has been woven into the movement on murals, in booklets, and on alternative bags. He also believes that technology should be developed rather than rejected. He combines his classical skills with the evolution of digital art. Aqil feels that the handiwork retains the soul of art, while his Impact-NFTs provide a precise digital touch.

Purpose enables anyone to contribute to the fight against plastic pollution by purchasing

Impact-NFTs, allowing for donation through art. Purpose plans on working with over 300 other social enterprises & NGOs around the world to help them raise funds through Impact-NFTs to fight pressing global challenges.

About Purpose Art

Purpose is an Impact-Impact-Impact-NFT initiative for organizations and artists seeking to prosper and live out their purpose.
For more information on Purpose, you can contact: Okki Soebagio

Email: okki@purpose.art
IG: @purposenft