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Cocktails At Ijen, Anyone?

The new selection of Ijen cocktails are an ambrosial reflection of what the team has learned since launching this zero-waste restaurant. Developed from a competition among Potato Head Family bartenders to source hyper local ingredients and apply even more meticulous production methods, the four drinks—Ginger Fizz, Romsemary’s Mule, Cascarak and Potato Candy—are the ultimate in guilt-free sipping. Here are he recipes. Give them a go! Or better still, get down to Ijen.

Ginger Fizz  IDR 100,000

Lemongrass gin 40ml
Homemade Curacao 20ml
Fizz mix 50ml
(raw honey, citrus, ginger, lemongrass) 50ml
Tonic water
Built in wine glass

Garnish with lemongrass stick and dried lemon

Rosemary’s Mule   IDR 110,000

Rosemary vodka 40ml
Homemade Curacao 20ml
Fresh Apple juice 30ml
Citrus juice 15ml
Simple syrup 10ml
Shaken and strained into copper cup

Garnish rosemary and dried lemon

Cascarak            IDR 110,000

Smirnoff vodka 20ml
Cascara arak 30ml
Rosella arak 10ml
Citrus juice 10ml
Cascara cordial 20ml
Simple syrup 5ml
Fresh ginger 1pc
Mountain Choco Bitters 2 dash
Shaken and strained into coconut cup

Garnish with cascara and dried lemon

Potato Candy        IDR 100,000

Smirnoff Vodka 30ml
Butterfly pea flower arak 25ml
Pineapple juice 40ml
Citrus juice 20ml
Ginger syrup 15ml
Passionfruit ½ fruit
Shaken and serve in Nusa Cana tiki cup

Garnish dried lemon and pineapple