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Crowdfunding Social Impakt

Join a crowdfunding campaign for clean drinking water in rural Bali.

Water is life and access to clean water is a human right! It is estimated that in Indonesia 34 million people out of 260 million people – that is 13% of the total- do not have access to clean drinking water.

That is why the company Social Impakt  is preparing a crowdfunding campaign that will be launched on September 5th for 30 days and which aims to raise  60 000 euros to finance the purchase of 2,000 water filters for three villages and 25 schools in the area of Sidemen in east Bali.

“Back in 2011,” said  Social Impakt creator  Jeroen, “I was Vice President for Europe, Middle East, and Africa for a British corporation, based in Dublin, led a business of $260 million  with seven factories and 800 employees. Suddenly I experienced a shift. I realized that I was helping companies to make money, but I was not helping people. I realized there was a better way to use my business skills. I quit my job and I landed in Indonesia without exactly knowing what would be the next step. But with only one idea in mind, how could I help to make this world a better place?

“I came across the alarming figures of child deaths caused by drinking unsafe water. In Indonesia alone, 20 000 children below five years old die every year from waterborne diseases. Diarrhea is the second cause of infant mortality in the world. My adventure started at this moment, I decided to focus on water.

“Inspired by this trip, I created Social Impakt in 2014, a social business whose mission is to improve access to clean water in remote communities in Indonesia by supplying an affordable and eco-friendly water filtration technology. I met Mangku, to whom I owe a lot of my success today. He is my brother, my translator, my gateway to this new world. Over an 18 months period, Mangku and I were traveling all over east Bali with our car filled with water filters. We met more than 150 village leaders and visited more than 500 schools to introduce our water filter. To date, we have already positively impacted the lives of more than 16 000 people. We have also set up a network of 30 filter resellers in the villages, creating new income opportunities.

Our crowdfunding campaign, if successful, will improve access to clean water in east Bali and that means improved health, improved income, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced plastic bottle use in these communities. It will positively impact the lives of 15 000 people.

Do not hesitate to donate and share it to the world, it is for a good cause.

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