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Discover Hidden City Ubud – A Unique Property Complex Fusing Nature, Luxury and Investment Potential

Hidden City Ubud

Ubud, known as Bali’s cultural heart, is a magnet for discerning travellers seeking an extraordinary escape. Hidden City Ubud Project elevates this enchantment, offering a luxurious oasis at the heart of the island’s cultural hub.

Hidden City Ubud Project, nestled amidst Bali’s tropical landscapes, offers an unparalleled journey of luxury and serenity. This unique gem combines traditional Balinese charm and contemporary elegance, redefining the art of living and offering holiday rentals, commercial areas, and modern workspaces, blending comfort and investment potential.


Hidden City Ubud is situated in the center of Bali’s cultural capital, Desa Petulu, Ubud Bali, Indonesia, surrounded by lush vegetation, promising an extraordinary adventure. Explore stone paths, gardens, and pools, seamlessly merging with the emerald forests beyond.

Hidden City Ubud is conveniently located near the islands archaeological wonders, captivating natural attractions like rice terraces, enchanting waterfalls, and numerous ancient temples.

Hidden City Ubud

Unmatched Luxury

This prestigious estate features impeccably crafted villas, townhouses, and apartments showcasing the fusion of Balinese artistry and contemporary opulence. Private plunge pools, refined furnishings, and sweeping vistas over the rice fields ensure a lavish stay. Integrated amenities such as offices, a food court, concert hall, Jungle Club, shops, restaurants, and a gym complete the experience.

Embark on a Property Investment Journey

A range of high-end villas, apartments, and townhouses form an inviting and spacious living environment.

Commercial Zones Encompassing 4,000 square meters, Hidden City Ubud offers a diverse array of commercial amenities, including dining establishments, boutique shops, and versatile business platforms.


The project includes 2,500 m2 of workspace, appealing to entrepreneurs and business representatives, with modern coworking areas and office spaces.

Hidden City Ubud

The Design

The property’s design incorporates wood, natural stone, and minimalism infused with designer style, presenting a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Sustainability is a key aspect, reflecting a commitment to eco-conscious design.

The exterior boasts a striking facade, combining wood and natural stone, and large windows allowing ample natural light, fostering a connection with the lush surroundings. The interior exudes sophistication and minimalism, with wooden elements creating a cozy yet modern atmosphere. Open spaces seamlessly flow from one room to the next, enhancing spaciousness and tranquillity.

Hidden City Ubud

Investing in Bali

Hidden City Ubud is a $40 Million Prime Investment Opportunity with Explosive Growth Potential! Investing in Bali, particularly in Hidden City Ubud, offers abundant opportunities due to the island’s global tourist allure and consistent property appreciation over time. Hidden City Ubud presents a diverse range of investment options, catering to a broad clientele and allowing investors to diversify their portfolios.

Bali’s flourishing tourism industry ensures substantial rental income potential, and the island’s accessibility to international investors makes it an attractive property investment destination. The unique culture, breath-taking landscapes, and stable economy contribute to Bali’s long-term appeal for both tourists and property investors.

Hidden City Ubud presents a compelling investment opportunity with promising growth prospects, set to be completed in less than three years, ensuring rapid returns. Beyond living spaces, it invites thriving businesses and opportunities for the future.

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