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Discover Lumbung At Desa Visesa Ubud

While Indonesian cuisine is world-renowned for its rich flavors and almost endless local variants, it is ironic that it can sometimes prove difficult to find an Indonesian restaurant in Bali that serves outstanding local cuisine in an elegant and representative setting.

With the opening in Bali of the Lumbung Restaurant at the Desa Visesa Ubud a stunning new venue for sampling the succulent culinary offerings found across the archipelago has made its debut. With dishes served with the casual grace and charm typical of the finest Indonesian household, diners descend into a romantic grotto-like setting located under the bridged entrance to the Resort. Cozy, inviting and surrounded by tropical jungle greenery, earthen elements of woven rattan and outstanding Balinese carvings further complement an inviting backdrop for course-after-course of tasty and beautifully presented Indonesian cuisine.

Lumbung, the Balinese name for a traditional elevated rice barn, is, in keeping with its name, a treasure trove of authentic Indonesian cooking always served with generous helpings of Balinese hospitality.

Tempting starters include shared plates of assorted spicy fruits and pickled “rujak,” blanched vegetables served with coconut “serombotan,” octopus accompanied by “dabu-dabu” sambal from North Sulawesi, “perkedel” corn or potato fritters, or tasty rounds of healthful “tempe” or “Tofu” (tahu).

The soup courses  feature the Sundanese braised beef and soya soup of “Soto Bandung,” an inviting bowl of “Binte Biluhata” – a Gorontalo corn soup incorporating coconut and fresh tiger prawns, or the Indonesian classic of “Sayur Asem” – a tangy vegetable soup that derives its pleasing acidity from Melinjo leaves and tamarind.

The extensive “lauk pauk” or main selections at Lumbung are a tour-de-force of the finest dishes found among Indonesia’s 17,000-plus islands. Choose from fresh and saltwater fish and crustaceans expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection; the national favorite of coconut stewed beef “rendang” or “Lidah Sapi Sambal Hijau” ox-tongue braised in a green chili sambal; or chicken or duck lovingly prepared in the traditional styles of Manado (North Sulawesi) or Bali.

Signature dishes are generous and presented for sharing with “Bebek Betutu” – duck cooked in the distinctive betutu spice blend particular to the Island of Bali; a massive Seafood Platter accompanied with a range of sambals for smothering and dipping; or the Lumbung take on “Bakaran Segara Giri” where lobster and Wagyu beef are “localized” in a most delectable way.

Lumbung also offers at least three varieties of Indonesian “satay,” and fried rice – “Nasi Goreng” served with petai or bitter “stink” beans.

Indonesian sides of garden vegetables are also available.

Lumbung is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm