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Diva Gala Dinner Raises Funds for Rice for Bali.

On Saturday, June 3rd a committed group of Divas will sit down to a Gala Charity Dinner at Luma Bali in Canggu to support a small grass-roots organisation, Rice For Bali.

The Diva Charity Incorporated, headed by Christina Iskandar has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Bali charities since their first event in 2009, attended by a handful of friends who wanted to make a difference.

Sponsored by Think Pink Salon, The Yak Magazine and 360Bali, Christina will hand the money raised directly to Rice For Bali founder Anggie Wayan, who will be making a guest appearance at the Gala Dinner.

โ€œI met Anggie two years ago and went out with her as she dispersed rice to families in need, elderly people and the poorest in our Bali community. I have worked for her and with her ever since. Itโ€™s the most basic need and from there she has been able to extend her reach to educate, provide simple houses for those who have nothing, and to alleviate suffering in the community,โ€ explains Christina.

Local business Think Pink has offered to donate 100% of their income on Friday, June 2, as Divas and friends book for their pre-Gala Pampering. From 4-6 pm, Think Pink will hold an event with live music and drinks to encourage people from across the island to lend a hand.

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Local businesses and private sponsors have also come forward to donate and have already raised enough money to build two houses in a program also managed by Rice For Bali.

In 2009 Christina Iskandar and a small group of friends held the first Diva lunch. Today Diva Charity Incorporated has expanded to Australia and holds regular events to raise money for Bali charities and supports outreach programs in Australia.

Christina has won awards in Australia for her charity work and despite having a full-time job and a family, she remains close to the people she raises money for. โ€œThe greatest joy for me is to see the faces of the people who weโ€™re able to help and know that somehow the Diva Charity Incorporated has made a small difference to someone who truly needs a helping hand.

For more information contact: Divacharity2021@gmail.com

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