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Doughnuts from Dough Darlings? We wouldn’t have it any other way! And the peeps at DD give Yak readers a 10% discount*!!


Where would the world be without doughnuts (or donuts)? Where would Bali be? In fact it was the distinct lack of mouth-watering doughnuts that brought about the creation of Darlings Group back in 2015. But back to talking about actual doughnuts.


Whole milk, European-style butter, cane sugar and real fruit. You really can’t go wrong with top quality ingredients and a talent for baking…And the flavours of course, the flavours! Over twenty five at last count!


Dough Darlings (a.k.a DD) really hit the spot for both the savoury palate and the sweet tooth. There is a Mozzarella cheese and a Salted caramel almond, Ice sugar, Vanilla glaze, Dark choco cereal, Triple Belgian chocolate, Lemon glaze and a favourite was the Monte Cristo, classic doughnut (with no hole) filled with blueberry jam, cheese, and pork ham covered in fine sugar – divine!


Are you hosting a party? Why not host a doughnut event! Pre-orders must be made before 5pm.
Are you gluten free? Yep, they’ve got you covered with their Gluten-free bubble doughnuts.
Are you looking for all-day dining? Then head over to their Canggu venue, on Tibubeneng, for loads more savoury delights with the same excellent taste!
The top three being: Fluffy Eggwich, TokTik Toast and the Melty Patty – for more visuals scroll through their website or IG.

Prices range from 20k – 35k
Locations of Dough Darlings are on Petitenget, Samasta (Movenpick) Jimbaran and in Canggu, or order online from their easy-to-navigate DD Shop – bali.doughdarlings.com

* The Yak 10% discount promo code (YAK_DD) is valid until 30th September 2022.
** Mention YAK_DD or show this Dough Darlings’ article to the cashier to get the discount.

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