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The Yak vibrates with creator of Live Essences, Iris Giannoulake.

Iris, can you tell us about your physical self, where you were born and when?

I was born on Jan 1973 in Munich, Germany, to my German mother and Greek father from Crete.

How did you come to live in Bali?

I lived in Hong Kong for two years, and another eight years in Thailand and I loved the energy of Bali right from my first visit. I wanted to create collections of fashion accessories and Bali, with its many small workshops allowed me to translate an idea into an actual product in just a few weeks.

You describe yourself as an active food engineer … what does that mean?

An active food engineer focuses on improving food quality, packaging techniques and processing. Engineering new food consistencies to enhance nutritional absorption in the body.

What steps did you take to gather the knowledge to create your brand?

As it was first a passionate hobby of mine to follow new health food trends, from macrobiotic kitchen, raw foods, super foods, etc, I researched for my own nutrition, daily diet and  followed new recipes, new findings and then started to create my own recipes. Taking them and feeling better, friends coming to get more and then a girlfriend wanting to add my first Jamu Essence tonic to her hotel menu. That’s when I started creating my brand. These days of course any brand is not just about its products but also about creating a clear vision to communicate the ‘why’ of the brand. This is how it connects with customers. The product needs to have the right branding, logo, packaging, website and media platforms. So it took me over a year to work on all these aspects with the help of a vision whisperer and web designer.

Who or what inspired you?

I had many teachers along the way and they keep coming. I feel inspired by getting to know myself by doing all sorts of self work, by keeping healthy and fit and finding what works best for my body. I want to empower and inspire people to take their own health and wellness back into their own hands, by setting an example. By learning to listen to our own body, what it needs and what it is asking for.

You create botanical wellness shots. How linked is the state of the physical body to one’s energy field?

When our body is healthy and vibrant we have energy, we feel energized, we feel happy and open to connect. To ourselves as well as to others. In this state we create and have ideas flooding to us, it’s our creative state and that’s when we find our purpose. It’s different for all of us. So when we are vibrant, nourished and have healed certain parts, our energy field is heightened and more vibrant too.

How do we clear out the negative?

There are many ways of clearing the negative. And we have to address different parts and layers, the body with clutter and toxins which we can detoxify with different treatments, diets, and herbs. The mind with its limiting believe system, the conditioning we have received from early childhood and later from the society we live in. We first need to find our blind spots and make them visible to ourselves (as in fact they are written all over our face and body and everybody else can see them but us!) then to find a modality we feel comfortable with and do the work, for mind and spirit. (I am running a Facebook group on this presenting different modalities helping us reach wellness).

Do you have a daily routine?

I do, first thing is to have time alone in the morning to start my day slowly, enjoy the nature and a good coffee. Then an hour of exercise. A good easy way to digest breakfast with healthy fats and fibers. And then the day may start, with lots of little breaks in between and again in evening some time for self.

How challenging was it to let go and find your passion and true essence?

For me I knew after high school that I had to leave and break apart from home to travel and explore Asia. To have the freedom and courage to try all sorts of different jobs and slowly finding my passion in health and the plant world. There were challenges and fears and somehow the universe always had my back and I was supported on my path, it’s like magic, as if what I do today and what I will be doing in the future is just meant to be. I also did 15 years of extensive self work, with Core Energetic, going back to traumatic incidents in my childhood and facing the sadness it brought with it. So I could step up to the happiness I now create for myself. I am happy because I absolutely love what I do and I have big dreams of laboratories following alchemy knowledge in the future.

I feel my purpose is to gain as much ancient and modern knowledge in medicinal plant medicines and develop products that enhance the health and wellbeing of people. LIVE ESSENCES that nourish, revive and heal. I do this for my own health and well-being and to make it available for everyone that resonates with my products.

Where can we find your energy enhancing Tonic Shots?

Canggu (Bali Buda, Vida Café, Shady Shack, Cassava, savage kitchen, earth cafe, The Loft, Canggu Studio, Bali Bowl, Koi, Campur Asia, Bali healing, in the Raw, Aqua Spa, Taman Nauli, Bali Direct)

Ubud (Yoga Barn, Sayuri, Seeds of Life, Down to earth, Bali Buda, Taksu Gallerie, Swasti, Gluten Freehouse, Wayan Juivery, Swasti, Ubud Yoga, Radiantly Alive, Kiosk)

Bingin (Drifter, Bukit Café, He’enalu Shop, Rosella, Buda Soul, Mu’s, Cashwe Tree)

Any words of advice to those still looking for their true passion?

Find what you love, what inspires and energizes you, what sparks your soul. Follow these passions and make them your life’s work.